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The Most Popular Skins on Skins.Cash (2017)

The Most Popular Skins on Skins.Cash (2017)

Ten years ago, you would have been a laughing stock if you suggested buying cosmetic items for real money that don’t give you any in-game advantage. But here we are, and the skins market is blooming and a lot of gamers buy CS:GO skins for cash.

The joint revenue of the gaming world reached an astonishing $109 billion in 2017. The most significant part of this figure is still made up by copies of digital games, but more and more gamers are adding pure cosmetics to their collections.

In fact, rare skins for popular online games are already treated like collectibles, being sold for thousands of dollars on online platforms. Data gathered by Skins.cash trading platform proves that the trend is growing.

List of Skins that Generated the Biggest Revenue

Here is a list of the items that generated the biggest revenue based on statistics retrieved from Skins.cash:

top skinscash skins

It’s not a surprise that nearly half of the list is composed of knives – the most expensive items in many games. What’s interesting is that last year Doppler skin was the most popular cosmetic for knives.

We believe that such huge fame among the 2 million Skins cash users can be explained by two factors – a relatively low price compared to other knife skins and high customization.

Not all Doppler skins are unique, but they do look different due to varying gradients generated automatically.

Another famous family of skins is Asiimov, which probably alludes to one of the most popular sci-fi writers of the past century, but we didn’t manage to find any confirmation of this theory. As Liquipedia suggests, the design is sci-fi inspired, which can support our inference that it’s connected to the famous writer. Blaze also made its way to the list of skins that brought the biggest profit to the service.

One notable entry is a PUBG skin, the last item on the list, making its way to the top leaderboard. Since its release in March 2017, the game took the Internet by storm, and we can see the results of its insane popularity reaching as far as skin cash trading services.

List of Bestselling Items

Not every user is ready to spend several hundred dollars on a purely cosmetic addition to their CS weapon, so the bestselling items are less pricey. Basically, in 2017 people were trying to buy their luck. Have a look at this bestseller list to have a clear notion of the massive gaming trends:

top skinscash skins

Except for one AK-47 skin, everything on the list is either a crate or a key. It’s obvious that they became the most popular items due to their low price, but there’s also an important factor we should account for. Instead of just buying a cheap skin, people were buying opportunities to win an expensive and rare one. Plus, opening crates always adds excitement to the whole process because of the possibility, however small, to catch a big fish.

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