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Best CS:GO Skins and Stickers Combinations 2018
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Best CS:GO Skins and Stickers Combinations 2018

Playing CS:GO with skins is a way to prove your style, your attitude to a particular match and to the whole game. Beginners appear in the virtuality with the default weapons and then grab everything from random drops, making their best skins collection rather chaotic.

Experienced players have the full inventory of CS:GO skins to choose from thoughtfully and to create that spirit they really want to bring to the game.

An even deeper aspect here is making great combinations of CS:GO skins and stickers. Lots of things matter in this process, such as color matching and understanding CS:GO history.

Check out this post on the DMarket blog on which CS:GO skin and sticker combinations are considered to be the best by the playing community. With the examples below, you won’t look like a noob in the game.

Of course, there are no skins and stickers that will make you play better. Only practice can improve your skills, and the DMarket blog will give you a boost in this process – check out our CS:GO Beginners Guide.

Don’t forget, it’s not necessary to wait for a lucky random drop to get something for your inventory. Buy CS:GO skins and stickers on DMarket for the best price on the Internet!

1. M4A1-S | Basilisk + NIP | London 2018

M4A1-S | Basilisk + NIP | London 2018

This beautiful dark rifle M4A1-S | Basilisk will get new shades in its appearance with the emblem of NiP on it.

Ninja in Pyjamas demonstrated quite a fight at Faceit Major: London 2018, but they still only reached 9-11 place there. Feel free to use any other sticker of this CS:GO team – it will also match the mystic power of the M4A1-S | Basilisk.

2. AK-47 | Redline + FaZe Stickers, Mouz, Astralis, and HellRaisers

Best stickers AK-47 Redline

This skin adds the black color and elegant red lines to the mighty terrorist rifle AK-47. It’s logical to use stickers with similar red shades – they look amazing and make the AK-47 | Redline even more stylish.

We recommend you use stickers of the following teams – and may their power enter your guns in CS:GO matchmaking!

3. AWP | Graphite + Golden Stickers

Best AWP Stickers

Grey patterns on the black case of AWP | Graphite will look even better with any golden sticker. For example, with:

4. P250 | Valence + Stickers of Titan and Cloud9

Best P250 Stickers

The skin Valence adds fantastic blue patterns to the pistol P250, so most of the blue stickers will look perfect with it. Have a look at such variants for P250 | Valence as:

5. USP-S | Orion + Fnatic Stickers

Best USP-S Stickers

The pistol USP-S looks a bit like a cosmic blaster with the skin Orion. To put an even bigger emphasis on the orange elements, add the stickers of Fnatic to USP-S | Orion – the logo of this CS:GO Esports team is also orange. For example:

These CS:GO sticker combinations are just examples, so don’t limit your creativity and do whatever you like. Maybe, your variants will start new trends among the players, as the creators of the best CS:GO skins do – they also are from the community, you know?

Another kind of creativity in the game is making CS:GO Wallpapers. Maybe you will come up with your own brilliant ideas after checking the collection of such images on the DMarket blog.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a kind of art with so many different opportunities for players to improve themselves. You should learn CS:GO maps and know all the positions on them. You should know CS:GO Console Commands to make the game comfortable to the max. Of course, the main thing here is to like the game and practice it a lot.

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