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The Best Skins of July 2020

The Best Skins of July 2020

The first part of this crazy 2020 has finished. We are happy to say, “Hello, sweet August.” This month will give us our first big tournament since June, which has been divided into regional leagues instead of the Lan event - ESL One Cologne v2. However, while we’re waiting, let’s go back and see what skins were the favorite during July.

You can buy CS:GO skins in two different ways:

  • Steam (has its own trading platform)
  • 3rd party services such as DMarket. Because gamers want to trade without fees and easily withdraw money from their accounts (Steam does not provide such an opportunity).

1. M4A1-S | Flashback (Field-Tested)

M4A1-S Flashback
  • Flavor Text: For the joker in all of us

  • Added: 29 November 2019

  • Quality: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $0.45

  • Case: Glove Case

  • Collection: The Glove Collection

2. Glock-18 | High Beam (Factory New)

Glock-18 High Beam
  • Flavor Text: Hard to miss

  • Added: 1 September 2016

  • Quality: Industrial Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.20

3. M4A1-S | Nitro (Field-Tested)

M4A1-S Nitro
  • Flavor Text: Rona is as good as she thinks she is… she’s just not old enough to realize she shouldn’t point it out to everyone - Felix Riley, Commanding Officer

  • Added: 27 November 2013

  • Quality: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $0.53

There are many things in CS:GO that allow you to become a winner, but also, you need to work your fingers to the bone to get success. One of the crucial things you need to know at the start is the map. Knowing the map where you are playing will give you advantages over your opponent and help you communicate better with your team. For players who want to know the points of all the maps, we’ve prepared CS:GO Maps Callouts Guide, a straightforward but impressive guide.

4. AK-47 | Rat Rod (Field-Tested)

AK-47 Rat Rod

5. Glock-18 | Sacrifice (Field-Tested)

Glock-18 Sacrifice
  • Flavor Text: “The defuse is coming in—he’s still going!”

  • Added: 18 October 2019

  • Quality: Mi-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.05

  • Case: CS20 Case

  • Collection: The CS20 Collection

6. AUG | Triqua (Minimal Wear)

AUG Triqua
  • Flavor Text: All things being equal

  • Added: 14 September 2017

  • Quality: Mi-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.05

  • Case: Spectrum 2 Case

Do all of your friends achieve higher ranks than you? Don’t know where to start your matchmaking road in CS:GO? There are a lot of different things that can improve your playstyle and give you confidence. You have to start from simple to get better in your next match, and only everyday training will provide you with a result. But we have an article 33 Tips to Get Up Your Rank in CS:GO that will make your matchmaking problems a little bit easier. Follow these simple pieces of advice to up your rank and improve the level of play.

7. AK-47 | Uncharted (Minimal Wear)

AK-47 Uncharted

8. Five-SeveN | Flame Test (Minimal Wear)

Five-SeveN Flame Test

9. Tec-9 | Red Quartz (Factory New)

Tec-9 Red Quartz
  • Flavor Text: Everyone wants to make an impact

  • Added: 27 November 2013

  • Quality: Restricted

  • Starting Price: $0.13

In CS:GO you can customize all of the settings to be as different as you want. Developers allow you to change everything from the camera view to the HUD color. All of the main points you can find and change in the menu, however, if you want to get into deep customizing, you need to turn on a developer’s console. You can enable a console via settings, after that you can change everything from the interface to your weapon’s hand. Find all the commands for the developer’s console in our article CS:GO Console Commands List.

10. FAMAS | Decommissioned (Minimal Wear)

FAMAS Decommissioned
  • Flavor Text: If found please return to Cedar Creek Nuclear Power Plant

  • Added: 18 October 2019

  • Quality: Mi-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.09

  • Case: CS20 Case

  • Collection: The CS20 Collection

11. Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze (Field-Tested)

Desert Eagle Oxide Blaze
  • Flavor Text: Nothing a little sandpaper can’t fix

  • Added: 16 March 2017

  • Quality: Mi-Spec

  • Starting Price: $0.15

  • Case: Spectrum Case

12. MP7 | Motherboard (Minimal Wear)

MP7 Motherboard
  • Flavor Text: Stay connected

  • Added: 1 September 2018

  • Quality: Industrial Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.06

In CS:GO the best indicator of your level of play is rank. The ranking system allows players to get those competitive feelings pumping and find opponents with the same skills. How many ranks are there in CS:GO? Which rank is the highest one? How do you start a matchmaking match in CS:GO? All these questions and answers you can find in our guide CS:GO Rank All You Need to Know. Start your matchmaking way correctly and become the best.

13. AWP | Mortis (Field-Tested)

AWP Mortis
  • Flavor Text: Every end is a new beginning

  • Added: 16 February 2018

  • Quality: Classified

  • Starting Price: $1.95

  • Case: Clutch Case

  • Collection: The Clutch Collection

14. AK-47 | Baroque Purple (Well-Worn)

AK-47 Baroque Purple
  • Flavor Text: Last Supper is served

  • Added: 16 November 2019

  • Quality: Industrial Grade

  • Starting Price: $0.86

15. UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf (Field-Tested)

UMP-45 Arctic Wolf

To become a successful player in CS:GO, you need to follow the best ones. Those who know how to move, how to shoot, who make incredible clutches, and improve their skills all day. It’s all about CS:GO pro players, these guys know how to win this game. You can follow pro’s on the tournaments or through broadcasting, but you can also use the config of your favorite players. We’ve collected in one article CS:GO Pro Players Configs with their actual settings so you can use themto become the best.

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