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The Best CS:GO Surf Maps

The Best CS:GO Surf Maps

Despite what a lot of players think, surfing is not actually new to CS:GO. Many veterans from CS 1.6 surely remember custom surf servers that were quite popular back in the day. Today, we can download all the best CS:GO surf maps directly from Steam Workshop and try them out without any need for custom-moded servers. Be that as it may, those servers are still here for multiplayer experience.

So if you haven’t tried it, now is a good time to learn how to surf in CS:GO. You can play it just for fun and learn a thing or two while doing so. The maps are designed to improve your movement and reflexes. Without any further ado, let’s check out the best CS:GO maps and the ones that are best for surfing.

1. surf_beginner

CS:GO surf_beginner map

If you played surf maps in any previous game versions, you will probably be familiar with this map. As the name suggests, it is for beginners and is mostly used to learn the basics of surfing such as maintaining speed and jumping from one ramp to another. It is even possible to learn pre-strafing, which can come in useful for higher tier CS:GO surf maps. The map itself has a few stages, and as you slowly progress, the difficulty increases with every completed level.

Keep in mind that this is a relatively easy map, and you won’t need pre-strafing to complete even the hardest level of this map. However, it can be learned here.

2. surf_summer

CS:GO surf_summer map

If you are looking for a beautiful map with great attention to detail, surf_summer is definitely the one — and designed by none other than the fnatic team. With that in mind, it’s no wonder you can see a lot of fnatic logos around the map. This map is divided into levels. Each level is a little bit harder and features a different theme. The theme is based on summer activities, so as you surf, you can see summer-themed backgrounds like palm trees, beaches, playgrounds, volleyball courts, roller coasters, flying ice creams, and much more. All in all, it is one of the best CS:GO surf maps out there.

3. surf_whiteout

CS:GO surf_whiteout map

As the previous map featured summer activities for all summer lovers, it is only fair to mention one with winter activities as well, designed for those who enjoy them. To be precise, it is a skiing-themed surf map with strategic ramp placement to look like a ski slope. There are also ski gates, but you don’t necessarily have to go through them. The map features six stages, and it is relatively hard, but with great visibility, so you can see every future obstacle upfront.

4. surf_kitsune

CS:GO surf_kitsune map

The map surf_kitsune is a timeless classic of CS:GO surf maps. It is neon and the colors change as you progress. If it’s your first time surfing, it’s going to be a little hard until you learn the proper skills. Once you are able to complete all stages, you can come back to this map and try to improve your time — just finishing won’t be a challenge anymore. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The map features nine stages. At the end of each stage is a portal that leads to a more advanced stage.

Truth be told, the map is fairly easy, and the last stage does not allow any mistakes so is a bit more difficult. You will pretty much have to learn the whole last stage by heart if you want to complete it.

5. surf_mesa

CS:GO surf_mesa map

Underground mining themed. The player surfs on glowing tiles in an underground mine with lightning coming from glowing crystals placed alongside the track. The map itself looks astonishing, and it would be a shame not to try it. This map is relatively hard solely because there are no stages. In case you fail at some point, you will have to start all over again.

It can be a little bit frustrating but some custom servers have checkpoints if you want to do it the easier way.

CS:GO is more than just competitive gameplay. Some game modes do not even require you to know how to aim in CS:GO. Surfing is one of those modes. No matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional, CS:GO surfing is for everyone. So, try out all the maps mentioned above and see how it goes.

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