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Best Indie Games 2018

The fame and popularity of indie games are spreading like wildfire, and rightly so. They are no longer the simple pixel platformers that were associated with an individually developed project a decade ago. Now indie games can stun you with breathtaking graphics, excellent music, and thought-out and immersive gameplay. If you still haven’t fallen prey to their powerful magic, 2018 is the year when you will succumb due to a tsunami of awesome projects coming our way. Here’s the list of upcoming indie games to focus on this year.

Upcoming Indie Games in 2018

1. Fe

Fe You have probably seen this game on nearly every list of the best upcoming projects of 2018, and this high regard is well-earned. From the very first look at the dashing colors and mesmerizing landscapes, you can tell that the game is going to be great, at least for visuals.

What you can learn from the spectacular trailer is that you are about to play as a mystical creature capable of creating powerful spells using singing (let’s call that so). Your ultimate mission is to defeat the creeping darkness and banish enemies – the silent ones – from your Forest of Life. The game was released on February, 16, and the first reviews suggest it’s an interesting take on the very nature of communication.

2. My Time at Portia

Portia It seems that the trend of downshifting has influenced even the gaming industry, making games about moving to a village and leading a quiet rural life popular. But My Time at Portia isn’t quite one of these despite some similarities. You inherit your father’s workshop and strive to become a master craftsman like your renowned parent was. Your ultimate goal is to make your small business successful. 

And of course, there will be fishing and finding your soulmate, because what is a game about moving to the countryside without these things?

As the developers say, the game is a result of their love of simulator RPGs – and as any child of true love, it looks amazing.

3. Wandersong

Wandersong 2018 seems to be the year of exploring music and sound. This fantasy platform will convince you that music can solve everything. If you ever wished you could grow a tree by humming a song like a true Disney princess or prince, then this game is perfect for you. Its vivid colors and cheerful nature will enchant you from the very first minutes. 

Details about the main plot are still secret, but we know the ultimate goal of your character – to collect lost pieces of a mysterious Earthsong.

The game seems to be very uplifting, as it sends quite a positive message – whatever happens in your life, you can literally sing through it.

4. They are Billions

billions If you are tired of the sweetness and happiness currently offered by the new indie games, and you are looking for something gory, this year will be lucrative for you as well.

This survival strategy game lefts around several human colonies left after a major zombie apocalypse. 

The setting sounds very basic, though you will quickly learn how such a simple game can keep you on edge and wreck all your nerves. You will hate it, you will delete it, and then download it again to relive the thrill of winning and the devastation of losing – and you’ll lose so often.

5. The Gardens Between

gardens between

This incredible game will make you reflect on your inner state more than an arthouse movie. It looks like nothing other than like dreams come true – and by this I mean those weird visions we all see while we are sleeping.

Another interesting feature of the game that makes me anticipate it even more is that you won’t control the main characters – two 13-year-oldish friends  – but you control time. I can hardly imagine how this will be implemented, which makes me want to get early access as fast as I can. 

The landscapes of each level look truly unique, with some objects that will earn a smirk or a snort of laughter; for me, that’s yet another indication that this journey will be awesome.

6. Fantasy Strike

strike If you like fighting games for the mayhem that happens onscreen, and hate them for the hefty controller sequences you need to memorize, then this game is for you. The main focus of the game is on simplistic, one-button supers and specials, and easy combos. Fantasy Strike also features quick rounds, fascinating characters, and intense colors. Sorry, I got carried away. You can grab an early access copy right now, or wait for the official release on PC and PS4 later this year. 

And you can turn into a dragon as an ultimate attack on one of the heroes – how cool is that? I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons!

What are the interesting projects on your waiting list? Share your insights, so these awesome games get the attention they rightfully deserve.

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