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Top New PC Shooters You Cannot Miss

Well, we must admit – the last two or three years have been pretty nice for the shooter genre, especially for FPS games. There were quite a few gamechangers, which dived into the market and completely upended industry trends and expectations. Who are they, you ask? Sure thing, we are talking about PUBG, Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch, and let’s not forget the king of the dot – CS:GO.

Since previous years have been great for shooters, for details read our article Top Shooter Games of 2017. What can we say about 2018 so far? If you look back on this year and ask yourself: “what shooter games were awesome, and what shooters I’m really waiting for in the rest of 2018?”, what games would make the list? If you don’t know, then we can help. Just check out our Top FPS Games list below.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

  • Release Date: December 2018
  • Developer: Piranha Games

It’s been a long wait for MechWarrior fans. 15 years ago was the last time they got a new game from the famous series. Quite a long time, and Piranha Games would probably agree. That’s why this year they decided to warm fans’ hearts with a fifth MechWarrior game called Mercenaries. According to game development company CEO Russ Bullock, Mercenaries is

One part MechWarrior and one part Football Manager.

Create your outfit, build your company, attack hundreds of factions across 300 planets. Soon you may silence all your enemies, and do it with a grin! But for now, please wait until December 2018.

Hunt: Showdown

  • Release Date: 2018 (Early Access is Available)
  • Developer: Crytek

Combination of a horror and a battle royale, Hunt: Showdown presents a world of hunters tracking each other. There are five groups of hunters, and they are vying to kill each other deep in the woods with the help of dark gods and black magic. Because, why not? Crytek’s shooter is made to be different and fun, with heavy influence of horror novel kings like Poe or H.P. Lovecraft. Isn’t it amazing? We’re pretty sure it is. Bring three bosses hell, stay alive, and have fun along the way.

Metro Exodus

  • Release Date: 22 February 2019 (Early Access is Available)
  • Developer: 4A Games

After various dangerous events in post-apocalyptic Moscow, our hero with a (surprisingly!) Russian name Artyom is still trying to escape the dark deep subway. But life is not easy, and when it gave Artyom lemons he threw them up to the steam system, and then dived into it to start a long journey out of the country. 4A Games say this time the game will be larger, have far more levels, and will be equipped with new ammo. Oh! And a mutant bear, there totally will be a mutant bear.

The graphics of Metro Exodus was demonstrated at the exhibition dedicated to the new NVidia GeForce RTX 20-series.

Far Cry 5

  • Release Date: 27 March 2018
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Far Cry’s universe anarchy comes to the Free Land - a home for everyone, and of course it’s the home of possibly satanic and totally lunatic cults. After a bunch of weirdos and their team takes over the woods in Montana, you can wreak mayhem to start a new revolution. Ubisoft promises that you may get help from the game’s new system called “Hire”. It lets you recruit human individuals, animals, and even a real-life friend!

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

  • Release Date: 8 March 2018
  • Developer: Fatshark

Fatshark booked your free time this year, because they provide the community with Warhammer: Vermintide 2. It’s a shooter that you already love, with all the amazing options to change and constantly upgrade your hero, customize your career paths, and have unending fun. There’s a discount on Steam now, so why not check out one of the best shooters of 2018?

So here’s our Top of Shooter Games that you should play. What’s yours? Share your thoughts in the comment section and stay with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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