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Cobblestone Callouts in CS:GO

Cobblestone is quite a beautiful CS:GO map. Players appear near a castle with big open spaces, convenient for snipers. This location was introduced in the original game Counter-Strike. It entered the Global Offensive version after significant improvements. Learn the following Cobblestone map callouts to be successful here as a team player.

cobblestone map callouts

Here is the list of all Cobblestone map callouts:

  • T Spawn - terrorists spawn in a distant part of Cobblestone.

  • A Site - an area to plant the bomb. This one is located near CT Spawn.

  • B Site - this area for bomb planting is distant from the spawn of both terrorists and counter-terrorists.

  • Connector - an area between A Site / CT Spawn and B Site.

  • Upper Halls - terrorists pass these halls while moving from T Spawn to B Site.

  • Lower Halls - these halls are located closer to B Site (for terrorists moving from T Spawn).

  • Drop - players go down here from Sky / B Halls. This CS:GO Callout refers also to the ladder and the area in front of it.

  • Window - it leads players from Connector to Drop.

  • Electric - players enter this room while moving from Drop to B Short. There is an electric box on a wall.

  • B Short - this passageway connects Electric and B Site (near Broken Wall of B Long).

  • Boost - players can jump onto each other and reach the flowerbed with a view at three entrances to B Site: from B Long, Electro, and through B Doors.

  • B Long - terrorists use this pass to enter B Site. It connects Lower Halls and B Platform.

  • B Platform - players can observe B Site from here. Terrorists enter this platform after moving through B Long.

  • Broken Wall - it’s located at the end of B Long, so players can jump over it to B Site.

  • Ninja (B) - a far corner of B Site. Players can hide here, waiting for opponents.

  • Chicken - it’s a nice place to defend B Site. This chicken hut is located in a corner of B Site.

  • Fountain - the central part of B Site. Terrorists can plant the bomb on it or around it.

  • Rock - it’s located opposite to B Doors and has a nice view of the exit from Electric. Often, players use this rock to defend B Site.

  • B Doors - they separate Connector and B Site.

  • Vent Room - it’s located close A Site. Through the vent, players can go to Balcony or Connector.

  • Balcony - players can observe A Site from this place. It’s a common way for CT teams to rotate from B Site.

  • CT Spawn - counter-terrorists start playing on Cobblestone here, near A Site.

  • Stables - an area separated from A Site by a small wall. Players can hide here, waiting for opponents from Connector, A Long, or CT Ramp.

  • CT Ramp - an area between Mid and A Site.

  • Mid - this room connects T Ramp and CT Ramp.

  • A Long - an alternative way for terrorists to move to A Site (not through Mid).

  • Catwalk - a passageway from T Ramp to A Long.

  • T Ramp - this area is very close to T Spawn. Terrorists can proceed from here to A Site (through Mid or A Long) or to B Site (through Upper and Lower Halls).

  • Snake - terrorists can turn to this room from T Ramp to move to D Lore, Upper Halls, and eventually to B Site.

  • Patio - or Dragon Lore, or D Lore, a room between T Mid and Upper Tunnels.

  • Mid Platform - it provides players with a nice view at T Ramp.

  • Statue - terrorists pass it while moving from T Spawn to T Ramp.

  • Sky - this room connects Lower Tunnels and Drop. Players pass it on the way from the tunnels to Electric.

  • Cubby - it’s located at the entrance from A Long to A Site. Players can hide here and wait for opponents.

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Communication plays one of the most importnant things in team play. Using Cobblestone csgo callouts to swap information greatly increases the chance of success in matches. Use them and see how well-coordinated the game becomes.

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