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Mirage Callouts in CS:GO

Mirage map was added by Valve on July 6, 2013. This map is arguably the most popular in the game - you can see professional teams picking it at each CS:GO Major tournament, and most of the players consider Mirage as one of the best. It’s definitely worth to try it out and learn Mirage callouts. Fights of the CT and T teams take place in a virtual Morocco-like location.

mirage map callouts

Here is the list of all CS:GO Mirage callouts:

  • Mid - a big open area in the middle of Mirage. Many battles happen here, snipers from both sides often wait for their victims on Mid.

  • B Site - one of two areas to plant the bomb.

  • A Site - an area to plant the bomb, very close to CT Spawn.

  • T Spawn - terrorists start rounds from this area.

  • T Roof - or Ledge, terrorists often wait here to enter A Site through A Ramp.

  • A Ramp - an entrance to A Site for terrorists. This place is often full of smoke, and CT eyes watch it attentively.

  • Palace - very close to Balcony, the entrance to A Site. Terrorists may slow down here to check the area.

  • Pillars - rather a big room close to A Site. Terrorists pass it very often. Sometimes CT teams make ambushes here.

  • Balcony - located on A Site, observed by CT, waiting for appearance of T.

  • Tetris - boxes near A Ramp. Terrorists can use them as protection after entering A Site. Counter-Terrorists can wait here for attackers.

  • Sandwich - an area with a nice view at Balcony and A Site.

  • Stairs - use it to observe A Site from above.

  • Firebox - a place to hide behind boxes on A Site. Helpful for terrorists after planting the bomb and for counter-terrorists in their defense.

  • CT - counter-terrorists spawn near this place, so they enter A Site from here and sometimes hide, waiting for opponents.

  • Ticket Booth - or Ticket, a column on the way of CT to A Site. Players can jump on it and look over the smoke. It’s a nice place for snipers.

  • Trash - or Trash Can, jump on it and hide from opponents. Terrorists may need to check this place carefully.

  • CT Spawn - an area for counter-terrorists to start rounds.

  • Jungle - a room near Connector, where counter-terrorists often wait for their “guests”.

  • Connector - one of the primary entrance to A Site for terrorists. Often, they have to win the battle in Mid to use Connector.

  • Vent - a hole for counter-terrorists to move to Mid.

  • Sniper’s Nest - Snipers can observe Mid from this big window.

  • Ladder Room - or Ladder. Use this room to move from B Short to Sniper’s Nest and Jungle.

  • Underpass - a passage that allows moving underground from B Apartments to Mid.

  • Boost - players use these ledgers and help each other to reach Sniper’s Nest.

  • Chair - or Delpan, a chair standing on Mid.

  • Top Mid - a big area, from where terrorists enter Mid, hidden from Sniper’s Nest.

  • Default - default places for planting the bomb, marked with letters A and B on two bomb sites.

  • Triple Box - or Triple, boxes on A Site, close to Default but located from CT entrance.

  • Catwalk - quite a broad passage on Mid. Terrorists use it to move to B Site.

  • Short Corner - a spot on the way from Mid (Catwalk) to B Site.

  • Market - a shop on the way from CT Spawn to B Site.

  • Window - to look from Market at B Site.

  • Door - CT can enter B Site from Market through this door.

  • Bench - a bench on B Site.

  • Van - or Car, a truck on B Site that helps to jump into B Apartments.

  • B Apartments - terrorists often attack B Site from this long corridor.

  • TV - a TV set in House.

  • Cart - another intermediate area between T Spawn and Mid.

  • Arches - located between B Short and B Site.

  • Empty - the pillar on B Site, closest to Door of Market.

  • E Box - the part of B Site, closest to Window of Market.

  • House - terrorists pass this building while moving to B Apartments from T Spawn.

Communication plays an essential role in team play. Using Mirage callouts in CS:GO to exchange information greatly increases the chance of success in matches. Use them and see how well-coordinated the game becomes.

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