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Dante’s Inferno Summary & Overview

Dante’s Inferno Summary & Overview

I guess you already know the great news – Dante’s Inferno is back! I’m dead sure you must be all rubbing your hands in glee to see how it feels playing this game now. What if the game is not playable anymore due to outdated graphics and poor interface? You know, getting back to the old days may be at times disappointing.

So I’ve decided to test it for you, guys, to see the difference between the new and old versions of Dante’s Inferno. But before jumping into some tech details, let’s remember what we love or, some of us, hate this title for. Hope it helps you realize if it’s still worth playing in 2018.

Dante’s Inferno: A Gamer’s Review

I actually have quite vague feelings about the game. I do remember the hype it made upon its release. Gamers like me were sick and tired of dull titles that lacked action-driven gameplay. That’s why I was absolutely happy getting my retail copy of Dante’s Inferno back in 2010. It was exactly what I was looking for – a cool hack-and-slash game wrapped up in an exotic hellish environment.

I personally liked this game to the extent I spent sleepless nights trudging through all the circles of Hell.

What I Found Most Enticing Was:

  • Fantastic gamestory inspired by one of the greatest poems, the Divine Comedy
  • Brilliant visual design at the time of Hell and its premises
  • Stunning gameplay that kept you playing for hours
  • Must-have guts and smarts to succeed

However, there were some drawbacks I can’t but mention here:

  • The title was made too much in the vein of Sony’s God of War, sometimes being labeled as a ‘clone’ of the famous franchise. (Surprisingly, some gamers were really excited about this fact!)
  • The game lost its unique atmosphere at the end of the story, as if the dev guys had put all their flair at the very beginning and had no other ideas how to brighten up the game further.
  • The storyline was pretty linear and my interest waned as I proceeded through the levels.

You might argue about the things I just said, but the fact is that Dante’s Inferno was not all-out perfect but did have its unique touch and atmosphere. Let’s see what we have this time around.

Refreshed Dante’s Inferno Summary

Electronic Arts decided to make old-time game fans happy with one more backward compatible title. Backwards compatibility gives the possibility for Xbox One users to play their favourite Xbox 360 games. Last week the publisher included Dante’s Inferno in its digital library. Now the game is available to download free of charge via a personal EA Access account. Players are granted unlimited access to all game content and can enjoy the legendary Dante’s Inferno story on Xbox One consoles.

For new generation video game fans, who are not familiar with the story of Dante’s Inferno, as well as for hardened players, we would like to brush up on several key gameplay elements.

What Is Dante’s Inferno?

The title was developed by the now-disbanded Visceral Games (they joined EA group) in 2010 for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Upon its release, Dante’s Inferno gained much traction among console gamers. Since then, a line of follow-up DLC packs with new monsters, cosmetic gear, locations and quests came out, adding extra value to the game.

Dante’s Inferno attracted praise from console users for its unparalleled setting but was given rather critical reviews from game pundits. The “experts” disapproved of the title for having too much in common with the famous God of War franchise. However true fans did enjoy the gameplay and welcomed a new release on the Xbox One platform with open arms.

Dante’s Inferno Plot Synopsis

Although Dante’s Inferno is not in our list of the creepiest games ever, its setting is pretty hellish. The game’s storyline revolves around a winding and forked path of a brave crusader of the Knights Templar. During the Crusades to the Holy Land the protagonist committed too many sins to receive quick and easy absolution.  

Dante's Inferno gameplay gameplay Dante's Inferno dante's inferno gameplay gameplay dante's inferno Dante's Inferno game
Dante's Inferno gameplay gameplay Dante's Inferno dante's inferno gameplay gameplay dante's inferno Dante's Inferno game

As the story goes on, we find that Dante was assassinated and had to face Death himself whom the used-to-be Templar managed to overwhelm and loot his scythe. But that was only the beginning of the redemption quest. After returning home, Dante found his beloved Beatrice seized by Lucifer. To save his own soul and to rescue his dearest one from the demon’s claws the protagonist had to go through nine circles of hell.

Dante’s Inferno Sparknotes of Gameplay

The game is a classic hack-and-slasher featuring action adventure elements. Although some gameplay moments, especially combat mechanics, resemble God of War stylistics – the title does have a unique setting and design. Despite quite a linear storyline, Dante can impact the gameplay by choosing between falling either to the Good or Evil side. Initially the protagonist wields two weapons – Death’s scythe and a Holy Cross with a basic set of hits and combos.

dante`s inferno weapon However, the number of upgradable combat options can be enhanced as Dante proceeds through the story. To unlock new skills the former Knight Templar must collect souls from the monsters he slaughters in numbers on every circle of hell.

  • Four levels of difficulty, from Classic to Infernal, allow for multiple playthroughs of the game.
  • Punish and Absolve options enable a branchy storyline.
  • Quick and heavy attacks empowered with double jumps in mid-air make the gameplay action-driven and immersive.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Dante’s Inferno summary.

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