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Dead Cells and Flipping Death Have Been Released

Huge game studios invest big money in producing great AAA titles. To compete with them on the market, indie developers use their (only) advantage – creative freedom. As a result, many amazing games appear, such as Dead Cells and Flipping Death, released on August 7. They are both are unique and beautiful – so unexpectedly artistic…

These games may become a nice addition to our primary list of 10 Most Exciting Releases of August 2018.

Dead Cells

A hero runs through many halls and corridors of a virtual castle, fighting everyone on his way, avoiding lots and lots of traps. Death is hunting for him everywhere, and it’s really hard to avoid. Dying in this game gives significant experience, allows facing the same opponents again and defeating them sooner or later.

The story of the reborn character is not very meaningful: he is just a dead prisoner, posessed by a mystical spirit. What is his ultimate goal in Dead Cells? Play and solve all the mysteries!

The game Dead Cells has been made in a style between Castlevania and Dark Souls. It is almost as complicated as the other indie hits Cuphead and Celeste. Also, players may remember one indie game, released recently – Chasm is of the similar Metroidvania genre.

Dead Cells is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

If you are still choosing a gaming platform, read the review PC vs. Console: Comparison and What to Choose?

You can buy the game Dead Cells through this official page.

Flipping Death

The art style of this game is reminiscent of Tim Burton cartoons, and this is fascinating. The main character here begins by dying and becoming a ghost. There is no rest for her in the other world – Death proposes a job, which just must be done.

Players solve puzzles in Flipping Death to help ghosts with their various problems. You can explore the world of the dead and then flip to the living dimension, take someone under your control, and use them for your missions.

Journeys to the afterlife world are not new in the gaming industry. Players do this in the popular indie title of 2017 – Pinstripe.

Flipping Death has versions for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Buy the game through this official site.

Playing such wonderful indie-games is a good wayof relaxing in between Dota 2 and CS:GO matches – refill yourself with fresh gaming energy and get many virtual items to sell on DMarket.

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