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DMarket Launches Subscriptions for DMC

DMarket Launches Subscriptions for DMC

With subscriptions, users get cashback to buy more shiny in-game items. It’s especially beneficial for early DMarket adopters.

DMarket is giving its users the opportunity to get a discount on trading with a subscription. It provides up to 4% cashback on spending of up to $15,000 over 30 days.

DMarket subscription is available for purchase with DMarket Coins (DMC), the platform’s native currency. DMarket Coin is an equivalent of DMarket Token (DMT).

subscription plans

The initial price of the subscription is halved for DMarket Founder’s Mark owners. This discount is active as long as a user owns the Mark.

Founder’s Mark is a memorable special edition virtual asset that was a starting point for building virtual items collections on DMarket for early adopters. The Mark is limited to just 1000 items. It’s a unique piece of memorabilia dedicated to DMarket’s first launch. The asset reflects on its holder’s account as a privileged sign of being a pioneer of the new gaming economy.

DMarket was founded by gamers and funded by the gaming community, says DMarket CEO Vlad Panchenko. With our subscription pricing policy, we provide extra benefits for those who supported and believed in the company’s future since the very beginning. Stay tuned – more exciting features are on the way.

The subscription augments DMarket’s set of advanced trading features that was presented to the gaming community in August 2019 with the launch of DMarket’s new DLT-based platform. A new AI-driven trading model and state-of-the-art technical architecture enable DMarket users to exchange digital goods across games, make bids even for items that are not for sale yet, and sell their assets instantly.

How to Refill DMC Balance

In order to buy a subscription, you need to refill your DMC balance by the price of your preferred subscription plan. To do this, transfer DMT from your external wallet to your DMarket wallet. DMT will be automatically converted to DMC at the 1:1 exchange rate.

1. Click on your profile picture on the upper right corner of the DMarket website and choose Balance

2. Click Choose the currency and select DMC on the Balance page

3. Copy your DMarket wallet address and transfer a required amount of DMT to this wallet

4. After a successful DMT deposit, your balance will be refilled with an equal amount of DMC; you’ll be notified about this by email

How to Get DMarket Subscription

1. Click on your profile picture on the upper right corner of the DMarket website and choose Subscription

choose subscription

2. Choose a subscription plan and click Subscribe

subscribe on dmarket

Please note: a subscription plan can’t be changed or upgraded until the purchased subscription expires

3. Double-check all the details and click Subscribe now

double check on the details double check on the details subscribe now on dmarket your subscription on dmarket

4. Trade and earn cashback

trade and earn on subscription on dmarket

5. Withdraw available cashback to your balance at any time by clicking Get cashback on the Subscription page

get cashback on dmarket

Please note: the minimum cashback amount for withdrawing to an account balance is $1; earned cashback is accumulative and remains available even after your subscription expires; cashback funds can only be spent for trading on DMarket.

get cashback on dmarket get cashback on dmarket

6. Spend your cashback funds on new shiny items, boost your inventory and stand out in your game!

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download DMarket app on the Appstore get DMarket app on Google Pay

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