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DMarket Update

DMarket Update

Thank you once again for your contributions to our project. We truly appreciate your support for DMarket, the world’s first decentralized in-game items marketplace that makes virtual assets real. We have prepared a brief FAQ to keep you updated.

Why did you move the exchange launch date?

Recently the United States SEC released a statement that prompted us to wait in order to be sure to follow all the rules in the proper way to deliver a marketplace which will be fully robust from legal and regulatory standpoints. DMarket Token sales were structured to avoid being viewed or treated as securities offerings. We do not facilitate token trading for profits. We will continue to consider how best to bring participants to join the DMarket marketplace without jeopardizing our position vis-à-vis not being eligible for the U.S. SEC regulations. In view of the evolving legal and regulatory landscape regarding ICOs, we currently don’t have a timetable to list DMarket Tokens for trading.

Did your strategy regarding where and when to list change?

Our global strategy remains unchanged – to deliver the DMarket platform in Q1 2018. We are still evaluating options for the transfer of DMarket Tokens from DMarket Token Sale participants to other users interested in participating in the DMarket marketplace. Our decision on whether to list on an exchange and the selection of the exchange for listing will be guided by our consideration to ensure compliance with applicable legislation.

When will we have more news about listing?

We’ll keep you updated. Our aim is to make sure DMarket acts within the U.S. legal framework and our actions are in compliance with all regulations as this is for the benefit of all DMarket Token Sale participants.

If you didn’t decide to move to the U.S. then there would be no problem with the SEC?

We are building a global marketplace that follows the regulations of each and every country. The SEC that protects the interests of U.S. laws and citizens is not an exception. We take a responsible approach to everything we do.

When will you list? Will DM be listed by the DM launch date?

We view compliance with applicable laws as a very high priority because the consequences of non-compliance can be very serious. Compliance and an ethical way of doing business are our main priorities. We continue to evaluate our options and explore ways in which Tokens may be transferred to persons interested in joining DMarket at such a time and in such a manner as would not substantially jeopardize our position vis-à-vis SEC regulation and applicable law.

What if the SEC gets you slaughtered?

We can’t make any predictions. Our objective is to follow relevant legislation, we act according to legal guidance of the world’s leading law firms.

Why did you change the rules for the 2nd phase?

There is no way we can exclude the U.S. market from using the DMarket platform. Any company that builds a multi-billion dollar economy deals with U.S., as it is one of the world’s biggest economies. For DMarket, the U.S. is one of the main markets that will bring success to our project, and following all the rules and regulations of that market is a priority.

Why do other ICOs have no trouble listing?

All legitimate ICOs that care about their projects are in the same shoes right now. Yet, every project has its own plan and strategy. In order to develop the product and build a multi-billion dollar brand, we follow all laws and regulations of each and every country and avoid taking any risks.

When will I get my Tokens?

100% of DMarket Tokens have been delivered to the Ethereum network. 100% of DMarket Tokens are available in the accounts of DMarket Token Sale participants on our website. All DMarket Token Sale participants can automatically transfer their Tokens to their specified Ethereum wallet by clicking on get tokens. In case of any questions about the DMarket blockchain, Ethereum network, and how it works, we are available 24/7.

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