Dota 2 DPC Season 2019/2020 Events&Rules
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Dota 2 DPC Season 2019/2020 Events&Rules

For seven years Valve has been trying to find the best format for the Dota 2 season. There was a lot of controversy and discontent every time Valve issued the invite to The International. No one knew what is the system Valve used to choose teams for the invitation.

But after TI7, in the official Valve’s media a new Dota 2 Pro Circuit Season 2017-2018 has been announced. All teams earn points during the season and teams that have the most points get a direct invite to The International 2018.

The International 7 Champions Team Liquid

13 Minors and 9 Majors have been added to the DPC Season List. $1,000,000 of prize money and 15,000 DPC points were played at majors, and $300,000 and 300 DPC points at minors.

Last year, the system was changed and the number of DPC tournaments was decreased. Instead of 13 minors and 9 majors, Valve has announced 5 majors and 5 minors.

Before each major, the operator holds qualifications. From each region, 2 teams - the 1st and 2nd place - get the direct invite.

There are 6 regions right now: North America; China; Europe; Southeast Asia; CIS; South America.

Minors are the second way to get an invitation to majors. In most cases, the team that took first place at a minor gets a direct invitation to the upcoming major. Sometimes, the first 2 teams get a direct invitation. Before each minor, the operator holds the same regional qualifications as the major but with the teams that couldn’t make it to the main tournament.

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DPC 2019-2020 Schedule

We’ve collected bits and pieces of information about Dota Pro Circuit Season 2019-2020. The major and minor qualifier is combined into a single chart.

Date Title DPC Points Prizepool
Oct 5-10, 2019 Qualifier #1 370
Nov 7-10, 2019 DOTA Summit 11 660
Nov 16-24, 2019 MDL Chengdu Major 15000
Dec 1-6, 2019 Qualifier #2 370
Jan 7-11, 2020 Minor Event 660
Jan 18-26, 2020 Major Event 15000
Feb 9-14, 2020 Qualifier #3 370
Mar 3-7, 2020 Minor Event 660
Mar 14-22, 2020 Major Event 15000
Mar 29-Apr 3, 2020 Qualifier #4 370
Apr 22-26, 2020 Minor Event 660
May 2-10, 2020 Major Event 15000
May 17-22, 2020 Qualifier #5 370
June 9-13, 2020 Minor Event 660
June 20-28, 2020 Major Event 15000

Dota 2 Majors Format

Group Stage:

  • 4 Groups of 4 teams;
  • GSL Format;
  • Bo3 matches;
  • Top 2 teams per group advance to the Upper Bracket.
  • Bottom 2 teams per group advance to the Lower Brackets.

Play-off Stage:

  • 16 teams Double Elimination with 8 starting in the Lower Bracket.
  • Bo1 matches for 1st round of the Lower Bracket.
  • Bo5 finals.
  • Bo3 every other game.

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Dota 2 Minors Format

Group Stage:

  • 2 Groups of 4 teams;
  • All matches Bo3;
  • GSL Format;
  • Top 2 teams per group advance to Playoffs.

Play-off Stage:

  • 4 Bo3 teams double elimination.
  • Bo5 finals.

Qualifiers Format

Phase 1 (2 days):
2 Bo2 groups of 5.

  • The top 8 teams with DPC points are invited.
  • 2 Open qualifier spots.
  • In a case when there is not enough teams have a certain amount of DPC points, Valve will decide how to distribute the remaining slots.

Top 2 from each group proceed to Phase 2.
3rd from each group proceeds to Phase 3.

  • Everyone else is eliminated and gets 10 DPC points.
  • In cases when a region has 3 major or 2 minor invites, both 4th places play a Bo3 to decide who else can proceed.
  • In cases when a region has 3 majors AND 2 minor invites, both 4th places proceed further.

Phase 2:
4 team Double Elimination.
Top 2-3 qualify to the Major. Loser(s) proceed to phase 3.

Phase 3:
4 team double elimination. Top 12 qualify to the minor, the rest get 20 DPC points.

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