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GTA V is Now the Most Profitable Media Title Ever

GTA V is Now the Most Profitable Media Title Ever

Gone With the Wind? Star Wars? Avatar? Not even close. The highest-grossing entertainment product of all time is not a movie. According to a Market Watch report, Grand Theft Auto V has generated about $6 billion in sales since its 2013 release, which puts the game far ahead of any other media title in terms of commercial success. The above-mentioned highest-grossing films only earned roughly half as much, adjusted for inflation.  

Widespread criticism of depicting excessive levels of violence didn’t prevent the Take-Two Interactive game from reaching an astonishing 90 million copies sold. Only Minecraft has sold more units as a standalone title (144 million). Other best-selling video games, such as Nintendo’s Super Mario or Pokemon series, can only beat GTA V’s numbers in total franchise sales.

As for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, GTA V has left its predecessors in the dust. GTA San Andreas from 2004 was the most successful, with 27.5 million copies sold, beating GTA IV’s 25 million units.  

More than four years since the release, GTA V keeps generating impressive revenue, as the title was among the six best-selling games in the U.S. in 2017.

Nearly a third of the copies (32.8%) were sold to PlayStation 3 players, leaving PS4 (27.4%) and Xbox 360 (25.5%) consoles slightly behind. Only 12.2% of buyers play the game on Xbox One, and only 2.1% of sales come from the PC segment.   

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