New ‘Lost on Mars’ DLC for Far Cry 5 to Be Released
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New ‘Lost on Mars’ DLC for Far Cry 5 to Be Released

A few days ago Ubisoft announced the release date of its next expansion pack to complement the fascinating Far Cry 5 storyline. Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars is the second of three pieces of post-launch DLC and is slated to be out on July 17th.

After the successful release of the first Hours of Darkness DLC episode last month, Far Cry 5 fans have been eagerly craving the second one to drop for the franchise. So players will apparently end up saving South Vietnamese POWs while offering their gun-for-hire services in more troublesome extraterrestrial environments.

This time the storyline revolves around Nick Rye, a courageous pilot who lives in Hope County and used to be a side character in the mainline Far Cry 5 entry. He provided the protagonist with a great deal of air support when it came to eradicating hordes of ruthless cultists. Please read our recent review to get more details on the Far Cry 5 main title.   

The new DLC takes Nick Rye far from his homeland to the surface of distant Mars. His tried-and-true combat pilot skills are badly needed to fend off a horrific alien arachnid invasion and save our planet Earth from total annihilation.

The expansion pack introduces new types of Martian weaponry and space jets, including the devastating Hellfire laser gun, the fearsome Morphinator, the powerful Blaster of Disaster, and other lethal tools. And the great thing is that players can further utilize the firearm assets obtained during the Mars campaign in the original Far Cry 5 game. Just imagine the popping eyes of the Cult zealots while getting blasted to unrecognizable pieces with extraterrestrial weapons!  

The new add-on will be available on the most popular platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The new DLC goes as a stand-alone offer, as part of Far Cry 5’s Season Pass or within the Golden Edition suite.

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