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Congrats to all of us – Season Two of NAVINATION, the first esports metaverse, is now over. Let’s recap some of the most exciting facts from this just-finished race for valuable gaming NFTs, flavored with inspiring figures, and a look forward to some of the upcoming changes and challenges that you can expect in the Season Three of NAVINATION.

Stats and Figures


Energetic supporters of the popular esports team could enjoy streams on upto seven disciplines that NAVI players were streaming. Traditionally, the most attention went to Recrent’s mastery in COD battles, Iceberg’s dominance in DOTA2, and CS:GO art by s1mple. But you could also be present to witness the blossoming of 19 other streamers, who were commanding audience attention through around 50 streams per week.

The inrushing interest towards the gaming metaverse and its valuable digital items also led to a significant jump in the number of drops and crafts. Fans received more than 500K digital rewards and pushed the crafting button almost 100K times. Interestingly, the latter figure showed a seven times increase compared to the first season - indicating excellent involvement dynamics and changing perspectives of cyber metaverses as such.

Of course, the most interesting question towards NAVINATION is still open. As the main NFT reward of the first season sold for $100K, how much will potential bidders be ready to pay for a new major digital item? It’s an open question, but it’s clear from the figures that many people were quick to understand the value of gaming NFTs which was highlighted by presale packs selling-out in the first 24 hours.

Features You Couldn’t Miss

NAVINATION Features on DMarket

The increasing popularity of the gaming metaverse inspired our team to work hard on innovations, making the second season even more engaging. You might have noticed that some of these changes appeared during the race for rare and costly NFTs. To sum up, let’s recap the features that dominated NAVINATION S2:


Yeah, this race for unique NFTs received its own individual tab so everyone can enjoy his or her forces in a dedicated place. It also gave you the ability to turn the costliest items into 3D and feel their value increase. Be sure, we are already working on creating new NFT wearables and improving the visual side of existing ones.

Collection Challenges

We tried to make more costly collection items available for everyone, so we came up with diverse expiring challenges. As this type of craft was rather expensive and required hours on streams, any participating daredevil received one of the processing items as an additional reward. Our small thank you for your dedication.

Improved OBS Widget

The most attentive of you may have noticed that overlapping widgets carried more helpful info during streams. Indeed, you might have been pleasantly surprised to see your own nickname in the online leaderboards between ad integrations.

Modernized Pack Opening Animation

We hope you enjoy the new animation of packs opening, which is closer to space and metaverse themes. This feature appeared during the season with a technical update that also fixed the issue of non-reflecting newly opened items in the collection’s bag.

Partial Crafting

You have all probably endured an annoying situation where the promising craft requires one or two lacking items while the bag is full of duplicates. In the final days of the season, the perspective upgrade needed only a partial list of digital items, making the crafting process way more flexible.


30.04.2021 - 28.05.2021

During the second season of NAVINATION gaming metaverse, your activity was feeding and inspiring us to bring a new level of quality to what comes next. Some of the key directions we are already working on include:

  • Adding new mechanics

  • Improving the interface of the recent ones

  • Expanding the collections and their functionality

Yes, the last bullet point is the most important. We understand that building the first gaming metaverse isn’t possible without a passionate community, which all in all, is its biggest value. As you can see, a lot of updates are made during the season - made better by taking place without any annoying postponements, so don’t be shy to note issues you may find in the future - or even suggest crazy ideas as alternatives.

We already feel the warmth of NAVINATION, third season - it’s almost upon us. Are you ready to dive into the renewed gaming metaverse with us?

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