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Next Update of No Man’s Sky – the Power Unleashed
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Next Update of No Man’s Sky – the Power Unleashed

This game is a unique phenomenon! It was anticipated by the gaming community, but the release of an underdeveloped version in 2016 caused lots of disappointment… Now, the situation has changed, and all owners of No Man’s Sky have got a strong reason to enter the infinite procedural world once again – give the game a chance! Moreover, all other gamers have got a strong reason to buy No Man’s Sky and to try this open world action-adventure at its full potential.

On July 24, the developers from Hello Games presented a very significant update of No Man’s Sky, called just Next. Its main feature is multiplayer!

Another achievement for the game is the release of the Xbox One version. Previously, the game was available only on PS4 and PC.

So, What’s Next?

The world of No Man’s Sky is vast and unpredictable. So many planets to explore; such huge distances to travel around! Still, emptiness surrounded players in this game for a very long time: it was a lack of gameplay elements and, mostly, a lack of living people in the virtual world.

Previous updates of No Man’s Sky fixed the situation with the gameplay – many objects and features were added with the Path Finder and Atlas Rises updates . Still, the possibility to play with others was missed immensely. The Next update fixes this, and it’s the best thing that’s happened to No Man’s Sky to date!

From now on, players can create teams to explore the virtuality, collect and share resources, and compete with other teams. Lots of other fun things are possible with multiplayer, and Next makes them possible. That’s why the update is so important! It’s like a second birth for the game.

Along with this update, Hello Games has released the Xbox version of the game. This increases the game fan base significantly. Recently, the developers of NieR: Automata took the same step.

No Man’s Sky on Xbox One

It’s good to see this game developing properly, even if it has happened  after rather a long delay. And it’s nice to see such great titles available for different platforms. It would be even better if tradable in-game items were added to the game – to buy and sell on DMarket, of course, like with CS:GO skins.

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