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QuakeCon 2018: TOP 5 Announcements

The biggest annual event of id Software and Bethesda took place in Dallas, Texas, on August 9-12. Some of the presentations from QuakeCon 2018 are indeed worthy of gamers’ attention, so here is a list of the most significant among them.

Do you like visiting gaming events? This is an excellent way to be part of the community. The biggest European gaming spectacle, Gamescom is starting on August 21, and DMarket will participate in it.

Doom Eternal

Updated equipment and super powerful guns will be helping the main character of the legendary shooter Doom to fight against evil creatures in the upcoming installment, called Doom Eternal. Classic monsters are remastered, new terrible entities are prepared, and the whole game is just around the corner.

Doom Eternal was announced at E3 2018. It’s a sequel to the Doom game from 2016, the series reboot. The release is planned for 2019. Players may wait for versions on the whole line of advanced gaming devices, including Nintendo Switch.

At QuakeCon 2018, gamers learned interesting details and saw the gameplay on video. Here is the presentation:

Quake Champions

Another great shooting game by id Software is Quake. In its newest installment, Quake Champions, players fight each other on virtual Arenas (a bit like the CS:GO gameplay). This game is already available on Steam through the Early Access program. Have you tried it?

It’s quite a time to do so, because Quake Champions became free-to-play, and it will be free for the further generations to enjoy. The date of the final release is still unknown.

The Elder Scrolls

Werewolves become a problem in the multiplayer world of The Elder Scrolls Online – will players be able to solve it? The expansion Wolfhunter, which is full of werewolves, gives the possibility to try your strength. It’s available for PC on August 13, and for game consoles on August 28.

The next expansion is Murkmire. It will move the events to swampy lands full of monsters. The release date is still unknown.

Series fans were able to sample the gameplay of the mobile game Elder Scrolls: Blades. Also, an Esports event The Elder Scrolls: Legends Masters Series Tournament took place at QuakeCon 2018 – of course it’s not so big as The International 2018, but still it’s quite meaningful…

Vehicles in Rage 2

What can it be – to play Rage 2? Gamers will be able to feel it in practice after the official release in spring 2018. But the glimpse of that feeling is available right now thanks to the presented gameplay video. It draws attention to the usage of vehicles, to lots of new weapons, and to improved mechanics.

Fallout 76

Surviving in the world of Fallout needs so many different skills! In the game Fallout 76, players will be able to activate those skills by using special in-game cards. They will provide new abilities and new appearances to game characters. The latest trailer shows how.

Fallout 76 is one of those rare games which will be released not through Steam but through the official site of Bethesda. This is another proof of the growing trend to look for alternatives to Steam – recently, Discord released its own game store for beta testing.

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