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TOP 11 Rarest PUBG Skins List (Sets, Clothes)

TOP 11 Rarest PUBG Skins List (Sets, Clothes)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shows quite a horrible situation, when 100 people fly to a desert island to… kill each other. Only one will survive and will be named the winner of this round. Then, more rounds will happen, and it’s so nice that this takes place only in the gaming virtuality.

Considering this is just a game, we can freely enjoy the cruel world of PUBG and express ourselves there in any way we wish to. Many people don’t limit themselves only to shooting actions. They feel the game characters as representations of their personalities, and they like to make their appearances unique, beautiful. There is an appropriate feature for this, called PUBG skins. They are different clothes and equipment with no influence on the gameplay – the characters can just wear them and enjoy how they look.

A Virtual Economy of PUBG Skins

Almost all PUBG skins are a bit weird and eccentric. Ok, you can go to lessons in a school uniform, but would you wear it to deadly shooting session? Maybe – the weirdness of the game situation touches on other game aspects, because in PUBG we can see a pretty girl with powerful assault rifles, or a guy in an office suit, a gas mask, and with a frying pan as a weapon.

Of course, you are not limited in choosing clothes, and can dress your hero in quite ordinary things. Developers regularly add new PUBG skins, so you have a wide choice. To fill your collection with nice items, you need to play a lot, be successful in the shooting, get virtual money, and buy crates. They give a random skin, so to get something really nice, you need to be very lucky. Another way is buying PUBG skins of your choice for real money. You can even earn it in the game – just sell your excessive skins. Both of these trade operations are possible on DMarket.

You could earn lots of in-game money for PUBG crates, and still only have a small chance of getting some very rare skins. There are just a few copies of some PUBG clothes in existence. That’s why they are so valuable – people are ready to pay hundreds of real dollars for skirts and bandanas. 

Here Is a List of Top PUBG Items, Rare and Expensive:

  • Ivory School Uniform set, female – $1,182-$1,531
  • PlayerUnknown set – $1,349
  • PlayerUnknown’s Bandana – $610
  • Black School Uniform set, female – $777-$1,358
  • PlayerUnknown’s Trenchcoat – $458
  • Blue School Uniform set, female – $716-$1,510
  • Tuxedo set, female – $280-$575
  • Red Hi-top Trainers – $330-$345
  • Instructor set – $209-$297
  • School Skirt, white – $420-$452
  • Tracksuit set – $155-$300

top pubg items These and other items from this game will be soon available for trading on DMarket. This is a way of getting nice skins and even earning real money just by playing games. The key factor here is to sincerely enjoy the game process itself – and DMarket will help to monetize your passion.

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