Video Gaming Industry Trends in 2019 | Latest Trends in Gaming
VR, AR, and the Future of Gaming
Digitally extended reality has gained significant ground in gaming as many large-scale game development companies have decided to jump on the AR & VR bandwagon. These innovations make sense for the video game business, since the most successful implementers of cutting-edge AR and VR gaming systems can maximize their profits and drastically improve customer experience.
TOP Video Gaming Industry Trends of 2018
Revenues on the Rise Among current gaming industry trends, this one is the most stable, remaining relevant year after year and even decade after decade. According to research firm Newzoo, global games market revenues have been growing at double-digit rates since at least 2012, and the pace is expected to keep up at least until 2021.
The Main Reasons for Battle Royale Games Success
Starting off in 2017, a contagious game subgenre commonly referred to as Battle Royale became popular as PUBG and Fortnite made their appearance on the gaming scene. Since then the battle royale trend has gained much global traction among gamers, with millions of concurrent players engaged in fights to the death.

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