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Interesting Facts and News about PSN | TOP PS4 Games

Top Free Games of October 2018
Each new month gives us additional reasons to subscribe to the multiplayer services of PlayStation and Xbox consoles – free games, which you can download and keep in your library. Of course, these aren’t new titles, so you won’t find them among our list of The Most Anticipated Games of September 2018.
Best-Selling Video Game Consoles
The gaming world is full of competition. Even devices of one brand compete with each other in the number of sold units. Do you know how well the PS4 is performing in the market? Sony explained this to everyone in the company’s financial report.
Two Horror-Themed Titles Launch on PlayStation VR
High-precision PSVR Headset For the uninitiated, PSVR is a state-of-the-art headset with a controller bringing enhanced experience to video games. The PlayStation VR system has gained much popularity among gamers since Sony Interactive Entertainment brought this head-mounted peripheral to the gaming console market in 2016.
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