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Two Horror-Themed Titles Launch on PlayStation VR

Two Horror-Themed Titles Launch on PlayStation VR

High-precision PSVR Headset

For the uninitiated, PSVR is a state-of-the-art headset with a controller bringing enhanced experience to video games. The PlayStation VR system has gained much popularity among gamers since Sony Interactive Entertainment brought this head-mounted peripheral to the gaming console market in 2016. As its name implies, the virtual VR-backed headpiece is perfectly devised to complement the PlayStation 4 video game console, however it is quite compatible with Xbox One and some other advanced platforms.

Due to its drastic boost to modern video games’ performance, PSVR sales have surpassed 2 million copies worldwide since its debut and the number of VR-driven games topped over 300 titles.

The fact that older non-VR games are also supported via a specialized Cinematic mode makes PS4 probably the best choice for home video gaming in 2018.

Two New VR Games: The Walker and 18 Floors

Two more titles have been recently released for PS4, opening the doors of immersive virtual reality experiences to gamers. Survival horror has always been one of the top video game genres, where protagonists must fight for their lives while getting caught in a sinister setting with a bloodcurdling atmosphere. These two games invite horror genre fans to get to grips with old-time Chinese spiritual practices and eerie mythology.

The Walker

The Walker is an action-driven FPS game that takes players to ancient China, in the city of Shanghai. The protagonist is one of the last defenders who is able to overwhelm and eradicate the root of all evil. The paladin wields both close- and distant-range combat weapons as well as mystic powers for fending off terrifying undead creatures.

Tapping into VR-enabled technology creates an air of breathtaking gameplay, especially in first-person shooters. No matter what your pet weapon is – a trusty sword, a revolver or a transcendental talisman – players are sure to have unforgettable impressions.

18 Floors

This is yet another survival title inspired by Chinese mystical beliefs that developers suppose to be a prequel of an upcoming game series. The title of the game refers to an old oriental concept of hell as consisting of 18 layers.

This time players find themselves in the middle of nowhere being the passengers of a weird train run by supernatural powers. On each stage of the game the protagonist is trapped in a sealed room with bewildering puzzles which they must unravel to proceed. Time, dimensional uncertainty and inconsistency makes the game’s quests and riddles even more perplexing.

These titles are available via the PlayStation Store for the reasonable prices of $19.99 and $14.99 respectively. 

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