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The Vampyr Gameplay Overview

All Eyes on the Vampires

Alongside a pile of other intriguing games which E3 is going to treat us to in the week ahead, there is another promising release on the horizon. This new title is Vampyr, a vampire-style action role-playing game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. On May 18th the company declared the game has already gone gold, suggesting it would have no serious bugs or truncated gameplot. The game was released on June 5th

Vampyr is set to be released on all popular platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, of course, PC. Moreover the title is reported to not be using a Denuvo DRM system as this anti-tamper software may hamper games from reverse engineering, but most likely invokes stuttering and other performance issues.

Slaking Your Bloodthirst

The story behind the game can really pique every RPG fan’s curiosity. In Vampyr, the protagonist is a doctor, Jonathan Reid. He’s recently come back home from World War I, and truly believes all his fears were left behind. Unfortunately, his hopes vanish into thin air as the doctor realizes he is becoming a terrifying monster, Vampyr, who has a lust for human kills and gore.

On transmuting into a vile blood-sucking creature, Mister Reid finds himself in a sinister world. This shadowy world is full of hideous wights and mystic orders living a secret life with their own rules of conduct. From this moment, Reid has to learn their rules to survive and find a cure. This groundbreaking storyline stands a good chance to become one of the best games ever

  • Location

London of 1918 became a venue for all the evil monsters left around after the Great War. The city was literally in ruins with the dwellers half dying of hunger, half from the deadly Spanish flu. The efficiency of governmental programs left much to be desired. So it was the most opportune time for vampires, skals, secret illegal organizations and other villains of any kind to capitalize on the postwar chaos.

vampyr locations
  • Personality

The doctor used to be a very gifted professional with many a life saved at the frontline. When trying to track down his family in London, he is knocked over on the street and infested with some supernatural powers. Reid was a true scholar, so he strives to unveil the mystery of his vampirism.

vampyr personality The unrivaled challenge Reid must face for now is how to serve both sides at the same time. On the one hand, as a doctor, he ought to save lives. On the other, as a bloodthirsty monster, he has an irresistible desire to rip throats and imbue his veins with new revitalizing energy.

Sinking Fangs into the Gameplay

On his way to finding a wondrous cure from his vampiric addiction, Jonathan Reid must interact with multiple friendly and hostile non-playing characters. Even if killing is inevitable, choose your victims wisely, since massacre may lead to massive panic and gain you no in-game benefits. Remember that each of them has their own life story and in-game motivation.

However, sacrificing in the right time and place can give players a great competitive advantage. First off, this is a perfect way to collect game experience, and thus progress through the storyline. When an amount of player’s XP is quite enough, you can drastically improve either your combat skills or enhance your vampiric faculties.

Needless to say that pure human blood gives you much more experience and an ability boost than the monstrosities’ unsacred gore.

To make your battling even more exciting, the game developers promise to provide their fans with a rich arsenal of close combat and ranged weapons. Some pitch perfect lethal examples were firstly available with pre-order via a premium DLC weapon package.

The title enjoyed a successful release on June 5th and received largely positive feedback from both critics and users across most popular gaming communities like Steam and Metacritic.

We hope this game won’t become a total trainwreck and we can enjoy many exciting playthroughs.

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