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Get Your Veteran Medal Memorabilia!

If you recognize the real value of virtual items, if you know which skins give you bragging rights in CS:GO or Dota 2, then you are hardly new to the gaming community.

To celebrate your commitment to gaming and highlight your old hand status, DMarket is starting a giveaway of a special Veteran Medal.

It is dedicated to the first big war between gaming industry giants and the beginning of the new era of skins trading.

This digital memorabilia will be displayed on your DMarket profile, affirming that you are a veteran of in-game items trading. The Veteran Medal will be indicated in your DMarket ID. The unique memorabilia will give an opportunity to receive additional privileges for DMarket Universe citizens in the nearest future.   

To get your hands on one of the Veteran Medals, log in to with your Steam account before July 10. Yes, that’s all you need to do.

The Medal will randomly choose our giveaway winners on August 12.

Such a mark of distinction could start or augment your precious collection of virtual rarities. The Medal is tradable, and for now, you have a chance to obtain it for free! The amount of Veteran Medals is limited to only 1000 items.

The game is on. Are you in?

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