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AK-47 | Vulcan (Minimal Wear)

AK-47 | Vulcan (Minimal Wear)

The AK-47 Vulcan Minimal Wear is a covert rifle skin in CS:GO. It was introduced to the game during The Hunt Begins Update, which went live on May 1st, 2014.

The AK-47 Vulcan skin is a part of the Huntsman Collection, and as such, can be obtained as a random drop by opening the Huntsman Weapon Case. The skin comes available in all five exterior qualities and can be equipped with StatTrak technology.

When it comes to the value of The AK-47 | Vulcan skin, it can vary widely depending on the exterior and whether it has StatTrak attached to it. While the exteriors with signs of wear and tear can cost you anywhere from a few dozens of dollars and upwards, the Minimal Wear version is a bit more expensive, usually selling for an average price of around $150. However, this is nothing compared to its Factory New counterpart, which, when equipped with StatTrak, can set you back upwards of $1500.