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CS:GO Machine Guns Skins

CS:GO Machine Guns Skins

Looking for machine gun skins in CS:GO? Well, you're in the right place then! DMarket has a lot of CS:GO machine gun skins for you to buy and enjoy the game! But let's get it straight. There are two types of machine guns in CS:GO:

  • First is CS:GO M249
  • The second is CS:GO Negev

M249, like Negev, is rarely used in competitive mode because of their performance and high prices. Each M249 store holds 100 bullets of 5.56 caliber ammunition, but 200 bullets in reserve. Never pinch if the enemy is at a long distance. Maybe this will scare away novices, but experienced players will kill you without problems. Don't forget CS:GO Negev Is one of the fastest weapons in the game and has the most beautiful skin.

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