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Many patterns of CS:GO skins are present on various weapons - these are called family. For example, the Azimov family includes skins for AK-47, P90, AWP, M4A4, and P250. The same is true for many other families.

On DMarket, you can check out all skins of a particular family and choose the best one for your inventory.

Buy CS:GO skins from different families

You may love a skin very much but the weapon itself doesn’t suit your playing style. Don’t get upset, try to find the same image for the gun you often use in CS:GO matches.

It is also a good idea to not rush the purchasing process. It may happen that this skin is available also for other guns and you will like them much more.

Some players love collecting CS:GO skins. You can do this through getting all items from a specific collection. Or you can demonstrate your unique style when you get all the skins of one family.

Whichever your approach to getting skins, DMarket is the perfect place to find the items of your dreams. Many active traders guarantee an excellent assortment of game items and also offer interesting prices, even for quality skins.

Sell CS:GO skins of different families

Of course, DMarket users have a great option to sell virtual stuff and earn real cash. You can do this with Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Rust items. In this section of our marketplace, you can sell CS:GO skins from your game inventory.

It’s a good method to get money for other skins - when you want to have something from that awesome CS:GO family. But you are certainly free to use your cash in any way! DMarket supports withdrawal to multiple payment systems.