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Everyone loves getting rare CS:GO skins. These weapons look especially cool, and other players somehow respect those opponents / teammates who join the battle with AK-47 | The Empress or AWP | Dragon Lore. Alas, getting such rare skins directly in the game or from CS:GO cases is an incredible miracle.

But why wait for a random drop when you can get any skin here, on DMarket? Everything from legendary to common items is listed in this section of our marketplace.

Buy CS:GO skins of different quality

It is not always easy to say why this skin is more valuable and what in that item makes everyone so mad. We all have preferences in design, and to add real value to CS:GO skins, Valve has made some of them more common and some extremely quality.

Obviously, quality Counter-Strike skins are very valuable. Common items appear from the random drop system quite often, and there are lots of them on the market, so they are rather cheap.

To make this difference a bit more obvious, the developers put objectively more beautiful skins into the different quality categories. If you see a weapon with many light details and bright colors, it is almost for sure that it is a high-quality and valuable skin.

There are 7 levels of skins quality in CS:GO. They are indicated by different colors.

You also may be interested in the division of skins by their exterior.

Sell CS:GO skins on DMarket

Lucky guys who get high-quality skins can sell these game items and earn a lot of money. But even common skins can be converted into cash - just check out your inventory and list everything you don’t plan to play with.

Selling game items is a popular earning method for dedicated gamers. With DMarket, you can do this in CS:GO and also Dota 2, Rust, and Team Fortress 2.