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Rust Misc Items

Rust Misc Items

Rust has lots of various items - some of these have practical uses and others are just cosmetic, whether to make your appearance or base even more awesome. You need to put quite a significant effort into getting them inside the game, and still, getting specific cool items is definitely not guaranteed. *But why deprive yourself when it comes to impressing friends and enemies?

DMarket has got you covered! Check out this section to find interesting and quite unusual items that will make your Rust playing time absolutely special.

Buy Rust items

Many items in Rust can be easily categorized. For example, in other sections of this marketplace, you’ll find:

But also, the game contains multiple untypical items - like, furniture, crates, furnaces, doors, etc. Feel free to look for them here. Or why not be brave enough to surprise yourself and buy Rust items you would never have imagined owning in the game?

Most stuff in this category can be used inside or around your Rust fortress. These things create a unique atmosphere and represent the features of your personality. Also, they can prove your excellent style and powerful experience in Rust.

Buy items for Rust on DMarket and improve the general level of your playing experience. With an inventory of cleverly selected items, you will easily turn any new server into your personal territory.

Sell Items from your Rust inventory

Sometimes you get items in Rust that do not suit your style. There is an easy way to convert them into real-world value - cash. Sell Rust items on DMarket and use this money for whatever you want. For example, to buy items you have been drooling over virtually.

Also, DMarket has sections for CS:GO skins, Dota 2 and TF2 items, so it’s a chance for you to buy something exciting for other multiplayer games.