Five-SeveN | Anodized Gunmetal (Factory New)

Type:  Steam Item

Category:  CS:GO Skins

factory new pistol five-seven

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Item Category: Five-SeveN Skins

Highly accurate and armor-piercing, the pricy Five-Seven is a slow-loader that compensates with a generous 20-round magazine and forgiving recoil. This memento from Siege has been painted with a gunmetal anodized effect paint over a chrome base coat. You don't know Felix Riley like I do. . . the man is impossible to break - The Traitor and The Truthseeker Part 1

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Five-SeveN | Anodized Gunmetal (Factory New)
Five-SeveN | Anodized Gunmetal (Factory New)a8db:5cb23478580f15c8a7ae076a

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Five-SeveN | Anodized Gunmetal (Factory New)
Five-SeveN | Anodized Gunmetal (Factory New)a8db:5c2ce80c1365f4accf4e01a5

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