Inscribed Fearless Badger

Type:  Steam Item

Category:  Dota 2 Items & Skins

mythical courier courier

Last update:2018-11-12 12:53:12


Of all the creatures of the forest, the badger makes perhaps the finest courier. Fearless and quick, it bends its will to none save those who have earned its trust.

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Inscribed Fearless Badger
Inscribed Fearless Badger9a92:5be977b71365f4accf87ab5f

Added:  2018-11-12 12:53:12

  • Kills: 4993

    Kills: 4993Inscribed Gem

  • Wards Placed: 1664

    Wards Placed: 1664Inscribed Gem

  • Victories: 358

    Victories: 358Inscribed Gem

Suggested Price:  N/A