MP7 | Powercore (Factory New)

Type:  Steam Item

Game:  Buy CS:GO Skins

factory new smg mp7

Last update:2018-11-12 22:52:41


Versatile but expensive, the German-made MP7 SMG is the perfect choice for high-impact close-range combat. It has been custom painted with a green base and yellow highlights. Rule No. 2 – Never clash in public

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WithdrawableThis item can be withdrawn instantly to Steam
MP7 | Powercore (Factory New)
MP7 | Powercore (Factory New)a8db:5bb31b1678239e6ddf0d864e

Added:  2018-10-02 07:15:45

Overall Float: 0.06729168444871902

Suggested Price:  $ 1.25
Trade Lock 5d You can withdraw this item to Steam in 5d.
MP7 | Powercore (Factory New)
MP7 | Powercore (Factory New)a8db:5be70ed51365f4accf392667

Added:  2018-11-10 17:01:09

Overall Float: 0.006283588241785765

Suggested Price:  $ 1.25