Rookie Badge

Type:  Dmarket Blockchain

Category:  DMarket items

rookie badge

Last update:2018-12-16 13:01:37


Rookie Badge is a memorable blockchain-based digital item. Only 50 are in existence and will be granted to select DMarket users to celebrate their first asset. Let's rock the gaming universe together!

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2018-10-30 13:55:06
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Rookie Badge
Rookie Badge6acc0a315cc35f4383d109bb59a33eba

Added:  2018-12-13 17:03:52

Rookie Badge
Rookie Badge15346f3e633454189bed428d21fa6559

Added:  2018-11-19 16:38:54

Rookie Badge
Rookie Badge7dfe43cd59835b1a9848fafa35588242

Added:  2018-08-13 08:09:29

Rookie Badge
Rookie Badgeee325ea4eb015e3f86a2e5cb33f8b598

Added:  2018-08-13 08:07:36

Rookie Badge
Rookie Badge0b69bc6e944058049ca1529160a4fccd

Added:  2018-11-16 16:01:48

Rookie Badge
Rookie Badge5c98b5e6318e569c94aef0ca4c98fbe1

Added:  2018-08-24 11:20:03

Rookie Badge
Rookie Badge9c86bd05a9995966be0ed06efc4f4246

Added:  2018-08-14 18:11:41

Rookie Badge
Rookie Badgef3df182888d95239a1258bac97a1076f

Added:  2018-10-12 09:30:04