SCAR-20 | Green Marine (Factory New)

Type:  Steam Item

Game:  CS:GO

factory new sniper rifle scar-20

Last update:2018-11-16 12:16:32


The SCAR-20 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that trades a high rate of fire and powerful long-distance damage for sluggish movement speed and big price tag. It has been given a camouflage pattern with metallic paint. Listen up people. . . Izaki and Cocinero may be AWOL, but our mission remains the same: we're saving Alex Kincaide - Felix Riley, Commanding Officer

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SCAR-20 | Green Marine (Factory New)
SCAR-20 | Green Marine (Factory New)a8db:5beeb50b1365f4accf0dd0b4

Added:  2018-11-16 12:16:32

Overall Float: 0.03822334110736847

Suggested Price:  $0.20
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SCAR-20 | Green Marine (Factory New)
SCAR-20 | Green Marine (Factory New)a8db:5b658927cff09667d5cdd7ec

Added:  2018-08-04 11:08:23

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Suggested Price:  $0.20