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Legion Commander Items

Legion Commander Items

Legion Commander Stats

  • Movement speed: 330
  • Attack speed: 100
  • Turn rate: 0.5
  • Vision range: 1800/800
  • Attack range: 150
  • Projectile speed: Instant
  • Attack animation: 0.46+0.64
  • Base attack time: 1.7
  • Collision size: 24
  • Legs:
  • Gib type: Default

The city of Stonehall was attacked by hordes of evil monsters, like Shadow Demon. The hope to survive almost disappeared from hearts of people, but then mighty warriors of the Bronze Legion rushed into the battle. Their brave commander, a strong lady, attacked the main beast. In a tough fight, the creature has been defeated, and its army ran away. Seeing such grief, Legion Commanded decided to fight evilness, to protect the world from monsters. She can make other heroes fight for a while without any items and abilities. Many cosmetic Dota 2 items can complement the appearance of the lady-warrior. Buy Legion Commander skins in this section of DMarket!

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