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Operation Breakout Weapon Case

Operation Breakout Weapon Case
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The Operation Breakout brought a lot of fun into CS:GO community, but now it's over. That was the fourth operation in the game, and the players battled in its exciting missions from July to October 2014. Still, the legends of those glorious virtual feats are not forgotten - at least, we have lots of great CS:GO skins to prove the exceptional style during shooting matches.

Many of these skins dropped during the operation or were obtained from the cases. Many other weapons are hidden in the Operation Breakout weapon case, waiting for someone to get them and take them to powerful battles. The CS:GO weapon case Operation Breakout contains 14 types of weapon skins and 13 possible butterfly knives (in one slot). Like with other CS:GO skin cases, you open it and get an item from a random slot. The rarer the skin is, the fewer chances you have to get it. Of course, the Operation Breakout weapon case skin values can't be measured only in cash - it might be more important to like the skin.

Do Operation Breakout cases still drop? Valve has started and finished quite a few other operations since Breakout. This means that the chances of dropping that case are low. If you really want one, buy the CS:GO Operation Breakout case on DMarket - many offers guarantee the best price.

Chances of getting a CS:GO knife are super low. But don't let the stats stop you if you feel lucky! Operation Breakout weapon cases remain popular among players and collectors. That's why many CS:GO traders consider them a good investment.

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