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Monkey King Items

Monkey King Items

Monkey King Stats

  • Movement speed: 305
  • Attack speed: 100
  • Turn rate: 0.6
  • Vision range: 1800/800
  • Attack range: 300
  • Projectile speed: Instant
  • Attack animation: 0.45+0.2
  • Base attack time: 1.7
  • Collision size: 8
  • Legs:
  • Gib type: Default

The Monmisc/key King, also known as Sun Wukong, is a melee agility hero, like Silencer. He is infamous for his slick nature, and he is also able to turn enemies in various objects, including trees. The Monmisc/key King is armed with a magic staff, and he can really scare his enemies and opponents with the help of the staff. In a team fight, Monmisc/key King can call an army of clones and send them out across the battlefield to fight for him, while he himself has his armor increased. Buy Dota 2 items for Monmisc/key King on DMarket!

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