Buy Dota 2 Items Monkey King

Buy Dota 2 Items Monkey King

The Monkey King, also known as Sun Wukong, is a melee agility hero, like Silencer. He is infamous for his slick nature, and he is also able to turn enemies in various objects, including trees. The Monkey King is armed with magic staff, and he can really scare his enemies and opponents with the help of the staff. Sun Wukong can jump down on unsuspecting targets, dealing heavy damage and slowing their escape with Primal Spring. As a carry, he is equipped with an extra damage and lifesteal from Jingu Mastery. In a teamfight, Monkey King can call an army of clones and send them out across the battlefield to fight for him, while he himself has his armor increased. With an army of clones, he is really powerful hero! Buy Dota 2 items for Monkey King on Dmarket!

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