Buy Dota 2 Oracle Skins

Buy Dota 2 Oracle Skins

Creatures of his kind have the power to predict future. Their physical bodies live separately from their astral beings – subtle senses perceive information about the most possible development of current events. For a while, this helped the king of that land to build a mighty Empire, like Wraith King. But suddenly everything changed with a new prophet in the gang. Oracle does not predict future, he makes events happen while just telling about them. First, the king tried to use this mystic skill for selfish needs, but his whole army and every enemy were split between many dimensions of the reality – with Oracle behind such a tragedy. The “prophet” was thrown away from that world – and now we have him in the Universe of Dota 2. Take him to your game for casting various types of magic. Oracle can damage opposing units with a ray of powerful energy. Other abilities of this Dora 2 hero are quite tricky – will you be able to master them? Disarm enemies or allies and give them total magic resistance. Damage and then heal in-game units. Similar effects can be delayed with a special spell. Which Dota 2 cosmetic items would you take for this unique guy? Buy Oracle skins in this section of DMarket.

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