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Rust Weapon Items

Rust Weapon Items

You start a game of Rust naked and empty-handed. One of the first things to do is to find effective weapons - it’s a crucial step to protect your character from aggressive players on the server (or to rob those clumsy losers, of course). Quickly getting something deadly into your inventory is quite a skill, which you certainly develop while getting more experience. But what about your style? Why not make your guns look awesome to impress everyone in that world, including yourself?

DMarket is here to give you the best solution! In this section of our marketplace, you’ll find Rust weapon skins. A vast assortment of cheap and unique game items will help to fill your inventory with cool weapons and bring that wow-effect into your Rust playing sessions.

Buy Rust Weapon Skins

Of course, skins for Rust do not guarantee that you find a weapon immediately after spawning. Your skills are still the biggest power to lead you to success. But if you have skin, you will be able to find and equip powerful firearms of your favorite color pattern.

Examples of Rust skins you can buy on DMarket:

  • Bolt Action Rifle Rust skins - for accurate shots from a long distance
  • Waterpipe Shotgun Rust skins - to kill foes in close-range battles
  • LR-300 Assault Rifle Rust skins - to shoot lots of bullets
  • Longsword Rust skins - to be especially dangerous in hand-to-hand combat

These cosmetic Rust weapons do not make the default gun more effective, but they still affect the game. CS:GO skins have proven how beautiful guns positively change the player’s mood and make their appearance in the game world absolutely epic.

Sell Rust Weapon Skins

The longer you play Rust, the more skins you will have in your inventory. Some of them are copies and others are not that beautiful to actually want to use in the game. Why keep them? Sell Rust weapons on DMarket and earn real cash!

Or maybe you want to start your own in-game item business? Then you are already in the right place! Many traders enjoy success with Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 items. Join the party and make money on Rust skins!