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Talon Knife Skins

Talon Knife Skins

Talon Knife Stats

  • Used by: Counter-Terrorist \ Terrorist  
  • Entity: weapon_knife_widowmaker

The Talon knife is a CS:GO cosmetic item. This knife has the same animation and style as the Karambit, and a longer blade is only the difference between them. A Talon knife's curved shape imitates a hunting bird or wild cat's claw. The Talon knives refer to skins with covert qualities.

The players appreciate Talon knives and the cheapest knife prices start from $150. The collection includes all 19 configurations from Vanilla to Doppler. Any of the Talon knives are a perfect addition to your knife collection.

Take advantage of the opportunity to trade Dota 2 items, TF2 and Rust skins.

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