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New Maps and Economy Changes: CS:GO Update
Gamers have got fresh excitement in the legendary game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The latest update might influence your playing habits and economic strategies. This is the first such big CS:GO update after adding a new weapon – MP5-SD. In a smaller recent update, Valve changed the appearance of counter terrorists, turning them into FBI agents on Nuke, Office, and Agency.
Project xCloud – Play Xbox Games on a Phone
Microsoft has announced a new service, named Project xCloud. It will allow games from the huge Xbox One library to be played on smartphones and tablets. The developers claim Project xCloud as a revolutionary step in the industry – it puts players at the center of their gaming universe.
DMarket Opens London Office
SANTA MONICA, October 9, 2018 – DMarket, in-game items monetization technology and service, is excited to announce the opening of company’s office in London, United Kingdom. This new base will help the innovative gaming company to strengthen its presence in Europe and to accelerate the growth of the global trading ecosystem for monetizing in-game content.
Russian Localization, Enhanced Wallet, and Other DMarket Goodies
DMarket is always streamlining its in-game item trading services to surpass users’ evolving needs and expectations. In the past month, DMarket has focused on expanding its footprint on new gaming markets, especially with non-English speaking fan communities. Also, responding to our customers’ feedback, we have enabled smooth customization for the in-game assets purchase flow, so that users may fine-tune the filter options and order items on their own terms.
CS:GO Turkish Delight – Blast Pro Series
Most Esports tournaments continue for a few days, but events of Blast Pro Series are exceptional. All the participants here play their matches on one day only. Thus, finalists should complete six games, and that is significant pressure even for pro-players – a kind of CS:GO marathon.
Project Stream: New Google Service for Gamers
On October 1, Google announced the official test launch of its brand new game streaming service, Project Stream. This new revolutionary streaming technology from Google should not be confused with commonplace streaming solutions like, say, Twitch. Unlike streaming their own live video game footage, gamers from now on can leverage the processing capacity of Google’s firepower to play the most graphically demanding titles via Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop.
Upcoming Games of 2019 – What to Expect?

Hey, 2019 is not so far away. Actually, it’s coming pretty fast, so maybe we should start to think about all the great PC games we’re most psyched to try next year. This list is not final, and we will keep you updated with every huge announcement from the games industry. Let’s start?