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The Best AK-47 Skins Everyone Should Buy
During the past seven years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has implemented many different changes and innovations. New maps, economics, weapons mechanics, and other various updates. But one thing remains the same as before. The players love Skins!
The Best 11 SCAR-20 Skins in CS:GO
CS:GO features a plethora of weapons that players can use in order to eliminate the opposite team although some of those weapons are more popular than others. While SCAR-20 isn’t the most played weapon out there, that’s not a reason why we shouldn’t highlight the most popular skins for it, so let’s take a look at the best 11 SCAR-20 skins in CS:GO.
How to Play Medic in TF2 | TF2 Medic Tips for Winning
TF2 is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter team games in the world. To verify that this is true, you can look at our article on how many people play TF2. Medic is one of two TF2 classes that is always available to players in Competitive Mode, regardless of the strategy and tactics you’ve chosen.
The Best TF2 Medic Weapons
Team Fortress 2 is definitely a title that stands out within the FPS genre due to its selection of unique classes, each with different abilities and various weapons that can fit specific playing styles and roles.
The Best AWP Skins Everyone Should Buy in 2021
One shot - one kill. This is the primary rule of each sniper rifle. In CS:GO AWP is one of the most expensive weapons, it’s also the most destructive. An in-game item in CS:GO that fetched a record price is the AWP Dragon Lore with a Skadoodle signature.
Steam Summer Sale: Earn With DMarket and Buy More Games
Steam is a kind of impressively huge Multiverse, where every dimension is a new game, full of breathtaking adventures. Alas, players need special tickets to enter most of them - and those licences cost money.
The Best Cheap CS:GO Skins to Buy in 2021
Weapons in the world of CS:GO are not just tools for killing all the enemies and becoming a glorious shooter. CS:GO Guns even in combination with cheap csgo skins create a nice style for gamers and often prove their powerful skills and notable achievements.
Giveaway of CS:GO & Dota 2 Skins from DMarket
Hydra Gloves Giveaway Free CS:GO / DOTA 2 Skins Giveaway Enter our weekly Giveaway to get free CS:GO skins and Dota 2 items! Do as many entries as you can! WHAT IS A GIVEAWAY? A GIVEAWAY (present, souvenir) – is a commodity (in our case – a skin/in-game item from CS:GO or Dota 2) that is sold at a significantly discounted price or given for free for promotional purposes.
The Most Helpful CS:GO Console Commands in 2021
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a unique game for many various reasons. It’s one of the most popular and profitable esports disciplines, it’s a deep and super satisfying multiplayer shooting experience, and also, it’s a very flexible environment - with many personalization options.
How to Get Better at CS:GO: 13 Effective CS:GO Tips
At first glance, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a very simple game - just run around and shoot those enemies. This is such an illusion, and the more experience you gain in this super popular shooter, the deeper an abyss opens to your amazed eyes.
The Best CS:GO Agents
CS:GO weapon skins have always been a huge part of the CS:GO gaming experience, ever since they were added to the game in 2013, but not too long ago, that aspect of the game expanded.
CS:GO Ranks & Ranking System (2021)
One of the biggest problems in previous Counter-Strike versions is finding teammates and opponents with the same level of play — the CS:GO ranking system was designed to address this issue. It allows players to make their matches handier, more prolonged, extremely exciting, and the fight between teams becomes an intense struggle.
WePlay AniMajor 2021 - the Last Spurt before TI10
WePlay AniMajor is the second major tournament of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit season, which will be held from June 2nd to June 13th in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. This will be the second Dota 2 Major for Kyiv - the first was held at the National Palace of Arts “Ukraine” in 2017.
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