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CS2 Update: Big Changes to the Economy, Vertigo, and More
Counter-Strike 2 is getting even better with the most recent update. The developers have re-balanced the in-game economy, improved one of the bombsites, and adjusted some visual effects. In addition, players now can rent the whole Kilowatt collection for a week.
How to Play Workshop Maps in CS2: The Ultimate Guide
Counter-Strike community maps allow players to train and have fun beyond the official maps. You sure can’t climb up the ranking ladder here, but playing CS2 Workshop maps may be a breath of fresh air for your somewhat repetitive practice routine.
All You Need to Know About Dota 2 Ranking System
Dota 2 ranks are essential in ensuring that players are matched to games appropriate for their skill level. Of course, that’s not why you’ve arrived at this section on Dota 2 ranks. You’re probably wondering how many matchmaking rank points (MMR) you still need to reach your next Dota 2 rank.
CS2 Launch Options for More FPS and Good Performance
As a shooting game, Counter-Strike 2 is quite good in its default setting. Playing matches “out of the box” is a great way for beginners to gain experience. Also, it helps to develop your personal understanding of the settings you need to adjust.
How to Increase FPS in CS2: Useful Tips
Counter-Strike 2 is a competitive game, so creating the best playing environment within it means removing obstacles to victories. This approach includes your CS2 FPS settings and the real number of frames per second you get during matches.
How Many People Play Dota 2 in 2024
The community of this game might be a bit tough for newcomers and intolerant to others’ mistakes, but still, the Dota 2 player base is absolutely great – you need to feel it for enjoying the game to the max.
How Many People Play TF2 (2024 Stats)
The phrase “old, but gold” - could have been written about Team Fortress 2. This multiplayer first-person shooter was released in 2007 by Valve and has been in rising popularity throughout the years. Thousands of players worldwide capture files or decide who is the king of the hill every day.
How Many People Play Rust (2024 Stats)
It’s easy to get addicted to Rust — certainly, in a good way. The game is so good! And the more you play it, the more interesting it becomes. Your skills improve gradually, and as you start to understand the whole adventure better, you discover some not-so-obvious mechanics, and actually become part of the community.
How Many People Play CS2? (2024 Statistics)
Lots of different aspects create a quality gaming experience, such as nice graphics, thought-out mechanics, and prospects of internal development. For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the number of active players is a basis of success – that’s multiplayer, baby!
CS2 Update: a New Active Pool map, Left-Handed Viewmodel, and More
On April 25, 2024, Valve released a pretty big update for Counter-Strike 2. The new version of the game answers requests from the dedicated community, including the return of arguably the most legendary map, and some practical gameplay features.
Best Settings for Counter-Strike 2: Calibrating the Ultimate Performance
Counter-Strike 2 is a flexible playing environment. You can adjust various aspects to feel comfortable in the game and achieve excellent results. Although experimenting on your own is a pretty good idea, using the best CS2 settings also has its advantages.
How to Kick Yourself in CS2
Whenever you play competitive Counter-Strike 2, you are kind of locked in a match, regardless of its emotional weight. Sure, the menu is still there to simply leave the combat, and the Alt+F4 combination will close the window uncompromisingly.
All CS2 Skins with Floral Design
In the adrenaline-fueled arenas of Counter-Strike 2, a unique aesthetic revolution blooms amidst the gunfire and tactical maneuvers—the inclusion of flower-themed skins. This fascinating fusion of natural beauty with virtual warfare offers players the opportunity to brandish weapons that are not only lethal but also adorned with intricate floral designs, injecting a vibrant splash of color and artistry into the battlefield.
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