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Meet Pad and Kwertie, DMarket Official Mascots
They’ve been hiding from you for too long. It’s time to meet the true heroes of DMarket. Yin and yang, dark and light, Chip and Dale of the gaming world, they are incompatible yet inseparable.
The Best Skins of July 2020
The first part of this crazy 2020 has finished. We are happy to say, “Hello, sweet August.” This month will give us our first big tournament since June, which has been divided into regional leagues instead of the Lan event - ESL One Cologne v2.
FREE AWP | Dragon Lore on DMarket - Participate on Our Summer Event
In Chinese mythology, there is a legendary creature that brings wealth and wards off evil. What is the name of this creature in Chinese? Hint: It appeared in CS:GO in 2017 Loading… The system of gaining winning points is the following:
Dota 2 Active Players in The World (2020 Statistics)
The community of this game might be a bit tough for newcomers and intolerant to others’ mistakes, but still, the Dota 2 player base is absolutely great – you need to feel it for enjoying the game to the max.
How Many People Play CS:GO? (2020 Statistics)
Lots of different aspects create a quality gaming experience, such as nice graphics, thought-out mechanics, and prospects of internal development. For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the number of active players is a basis of success – that’s multiplayer, baby!
The Best Glock-18 Skins That Will Improve Your Inventory
Earlier, we talked about the default and most popular CT pistol - USP-S. However, what about the T-side? It’s all about Glock-18. This gun was designed and produced by Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H. In CS:GO Glock is the default pistol for terrorists and we want to show you the top 11 Glock-18 skins ever made.
The Best USP-S Skins You Need to Equip
USP-S is one of the two default guns for counter-terrorists, and is also one of the most popular. This weapon has a slow shoot rate and only 12/24 bullet capacity, but you can kill the enemy with only one USP-S headshot.
Top 10 CSGO Pro Players Earnings
When it comes to the sheer number of esports events, CS:GO has to be the game that features in most of them. Since the release of CS:GO in 2012, almost 70 million dollars has been spent in prize money and other rewards across almost four thousand tournaments.
DMarket Video Guide: How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds via Skrill
Upgrade your inventory and cash out your trading profits with no effort, using one of the world’s top payment methods. Skrill is a fast and secure payment method with worldwide coverage and recognition. On DMarket, you can use it to refill your account balance as well as to withdraw your funds.
The Best Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners (Guide 2020)
This game is like an ocean - it’s super deep, from the mechanics to the variety of playing experiences. But to get that gaming joy, you need to climb the high mountains of skill-development. Although not many gamers will pass such a tough test.
The Best Butterfly Knife Skins Everyone Should Buy
A knife is the weapon of professional killers. No unnecessary sounds, no unnecessary movements. Only the cold blade of the knife and the enemy in front of you. Knives in CS:GO are very popular. A character with a knife moves faster than with another weapon.
The Best Karambit Knife Skins Everyone Should Buy
Only professional killers can effectively use knives. They come with no unnecessary sounds, and no unnecessary movements. One punch to the right spot and the victim is eliminated. Knives in CS:GO are very popular. A character with a knife moves faster than with another weapon.
The Best Desert Eagle Skins You Need to Know
A shot from this gun can be compared to a shot from a sniper’s rifle. Seven bullets is in the magazine, slow shot speed, and high power. All these words are about Desert Eagle Gun.
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