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How Many People Play TF2 (2024 Stats)

The phrase “old, but gold” - could have been written about Team Fortress 2. This multiplayer first-person shooter was released in 2007 by Valve and has been in rising popularity throughout the years. Thousands of players worldwide capture files or decide who is the king of the hill every day.

With new features that are released every year, players continue to create an amicable and competitive atmosphere in this cartoon drawing game. If you’ve never played TF2, you should try it, as you get to play for many fun opportunities and emotions.

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Buying new items is a perfect way to show off your personality and customize your favorite characters. However, all of the items are useless if nobody can see you. In this article, we look at the true numbers of Team Fortress 2 players and keep you in touch with the audience.

How Many Active Players Are There in TF2?

According to Steam and Steamcharts, this is the TF2 active players count for the last 12 months:

Even though TF2 has many gameplay modes, there are only eight gaming classes. Wherever you end up, each of them has a unique strategy and plenty of features. This might not be a new game, but our ultimate guide of TF2 characters can be useful for both beginners and old players to improve your skills.

Months With the Highest Number of Players

Team Fortress 2 might not be as famous as other games by Valve, but it doesn’t stop it from having loyal fans. Still, TF2 has a stable number of players and fans. Developers continue to work on new updates and events, and perhaps not surprisingly, the average audience increased dramatically through the global lockdown. The last months of 2020 have surprised Valve’s servers several times, as they processed more than 100,000 peak players.

Still, regardless of the last few months, TF2 has hit other peaks, not only in 2020. Here are the top months of the last 5 years with the highest audience in TF2:

  • July 2023 - 253 225
  • December 2022 - 147 868
  • June 2021 - 150 037
  • December 2020 - 146 887
  • December 2019 - 103 481

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DMarket provides similar statistics about other games:

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