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A New Filter on DMarket: CS2 Sticker Combo
Guys, we are glad to introduce a new filter on our marketplace! Now you can select CS2 skins specifically with attached stickers and specify various parameters to see the most relevant results and make your best purchases.
DMarket Affiliate Program: Invite Friends and Earn Money
DMarket serves more than 3 million satisfied customers worldwide, and we are happy to have you here as part of our friendly community. If you love our services and want to share the benefits of our marketplace with your friends, we have a great opportunity for you to earn extra money.
Everything You Need to Know About the Recent Platform Changes
We are excited to announce some recent advancements on the platform, and ahead of them, we wanted to make sure you were aware and up to speed! Moving forward, you might notice a couple of minor changes, including:
Meet Your Personal Seller’s Store on DMarket
DMarket becomes even handier! Meet the awesome new feature for easier and faster sales: from now on you can turn your account into a Personal Seller’s Store. What Is It? By Personal Seller’s Store we mean an option to share your personal market (your DMarket offers, as well Face2Face offers) to your friends, social media accounts, other traders, etc.
Convenient New Filter Features Now Available on DMarket
We care about DMarket users and do everything to make your experience on our platform time efficient. That’s why we have introduced these new options. They should bring even more convenience into the DMarket ecosystem and help you to find the specific items and skins just in one click.
Bulk Sell on DMarket: More Trading Features Launched
Bulk Sell is DMarket’s new feature designed to make the mass trading of skins process more convenient and faster. Along with technically quicker and easier processing, users will also receive more price-forming options to choose from.
Rust Skins on DMarket: Buy, Sell, Exchange, Cash Out
Steam’s sensational top-seller, the multiplayer-only survival game Rust, has now launched on DMarket. This means you can safely trade all Rust skins with other players and cash out your profits using a variety of payment methods.
Introducing DMarket API for Automated Trading
API Section API Keys API Methods New API Endpoints Request-per-Second Limits Advanced Targets Parameter - phase Parameter - floatPartValue Parameter - paintSeed The newly-deployed JSON-based DMarket Trading API enables all users to streamline their skins trading through a comprehensive range of API methods.
Changes in the API Are on Their Way
Within the next two weeks the old endpoints will be decommissioned, while the amount of request-per-second for remains the same. This is done to improve the stability of the platform, which will allow it to process the requests and deliver the information faster.
An Additional Domain for Lightning-Fast Trading
Access all DMarket features with increased request-per-second limits on Amid a steady growth of the DMarket platform and our global community, we are happy to introduce an alternate trading gateway on the domain. It is best suited for automated trading due to increased request-per-second (RPS) limits.
How to Take Advantage of Face2Face Trading on DMarket
Face2Face trading cuts trade lock periods by half. This guide will help you put this new trading mode to good use. What Is Face2Face Trading? In the Face2Face mode, you can transfer items directly between Steam accounts, without the need to withdraw your items to DMarket.
Meet Pad and Kwertie, DMarket Official Mascots
They’ve been hiding from you for too long. It’s time to meet the true heroes of DMarket. Yin and yang, dark and light, Chip and Dale of the gaming world, they are incompatible yet inseparable.
Team Fortress 2 Is Now on DMarket
The evergreen and beloved multiplayer FPS Team Fortress 2 has been entertaining millions of players for over 12 years. Today, it comes to DMarket so that you can buy, sell, and exchange TF2 items using the most advanced set of trading features.
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