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Counter-Strike 2 System Requirements
Even if you’re just a casual player, you’re likely excited about the imminent release of Counter-Strike 2. But the possible Counter-Strike 2 system requirements have some players a little nervous about their current PC setup.
The Best Headsets for CS:GO (Top 10 List)
Practically, we don’t have too many requirements for a gaming headset. It should be comfortable for long playing sessions. And the sound should be high quality enough for you to hear everything happening in the game and for your teammates/opponents to hear you clearly.
The Best Resolution for CS:GO | How to Choose The Perfect Resolution
We could divide Counter-Strike players into three categories: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Beginners can in general ignore the resolution. Most modern hardware allows you to enjoy the matches with default settings. The intermediate players should be mainly focused on practicing and improving their skills.
The Best Mouse for CS:GO in 2023 and How to Choose It
Even though it might not seem like it, a good gaming mouse can most certainly have a considerable impact on your gameplay. CS:GO is a game where precision matters, and you will definitely need a good gaming mouse for that.
The Best Keyboards for CS:GO in 2023 | Top 5 List
If you ever dreamed about achieving the Global Elite rank in CS:GO, you should pay attention to the gear that the FPS pros are using. And we’re talking not only about in-game weapons and accessories. Getting the best mouse for CS:GO can be a game-changer for a budding player.
The Best Monitors for CS:GO
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is quite a beautiful game — especially if you observe the path it has taken since its release. Still, let’s be honest, most players enjoy shooting matches not because of the visual satisfaction.
The Best CPU for Gaming in 2023 | Essential Factors
It might seem that the easiest approach to choosing the best CPU for gaming is to open catalogs of two main manufacturers and choose the latest and most expensive model in this segment. Well, there are a couple of difficulties here.
Top Gaming Keyboards 2019
Choosing a Gaming Keyboard Wireless Gaming Keyboard Wired gaming keyboard Mechanical gaming keyboard Silent gaming keyboard Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50 Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100 Top Gaming Keyboard Brands Razer Gaming Keyboards Corsair Gaming Keyboards
Best Gaming Mouse in 2018 | What You Need To Know Before Choosing
Criteria for Choosing a Gaming Mouse Best Mice under 50$ Best Mouse Brands Best MMO Mouse Best Moba Mouse Best FPS Mouse Gaming Mousepads Keyboard and Mouse Set For non-tech-savvy PC users, having a computer mouse means nothing more than getting hold of this input device to move a cursor on their desktops or laptops with.
GeForce RTX 20-series – Fresh GPU Power from Nvidia
Many PC gamers are proud of the possibility to boost the performance of their devices – that’s quite an advantage over consoles. One of the most significant aspects here is the power of graphics cards. Can your computer run games on 4K with 60 FPS?
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