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New CS:GO Update - Operation Riptide
The 11th CS:GO Operation is now live. Operation Riptide. Dust2 and Ancient update, new skins and new challenges await, with new maps and new game mode options. The latest update to the game brings plenty of additions to gameplay, 5 new skin collections, new skins for knives, agents, and so much more.
CS: GO Update 31 March 2020
Valve has released a new update for the most famous Steam game in 2020 - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The latest update adds to the game’s new features, map updates, the finish of Shattered Web operation, and the new Prisma case.
Half-Life: Alyx Is Out At Last, and CS:GO Gets New Items
Valve is well known for releasing great gaming products (with the rare exception of Artifact, of course), and Half-Life is one of their most successful franchises. Fans have been absolutely frustrated waiting for the next major game, it’s been 13(!
CS:GO Update 25 February 2020
Today, Valve released a new update for its title game - CS:GO. The latest version adds to the game’s unique operational missions, includes the introduction of character patches, and also an updated crosshair. Before you start to read this patch note, you will need to know where to find the best CS:GO skins with the lowest prices.
CS:GO Update 01/30/2020
On January 30th, the developers made us happy with anew CS:GO Update. There are new changes in the next maps: mirage, cache, train, studio, and dust2 plus new features. Before you start to read the patch notes, you need to know where to find the best deals of CS:GO skins.
Dota 2 - The Outlanders Update
It’s happened. Valve has updated Dota 2 for the first time since May 2019. The new Patch 7.23 is called The Outlanders and adds new heroes, items, a courier for each player, heroes update and many new features.
New CS:GO Update - Shattered Web
For the first time in two years, Valve produced a big update with its new operation, Shattered Web. The update includes new features, content, and changes. Shattered Web is the first operation that adds new characters named CT Operators and T Agents, which are equippable on any map, to CS:GO.
CS:GO Battle Royale: Welcome to Danger Zone!
The game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has got one of its biggest updates ever. On December 6, Valve made its multiplayer shooter free-to-play and presented a Battle Royale mode, named Danger Zone! The gaming community was trembling with anticipation for a few days before the update – thanks to intriguing and provocative tweets of Valve.
New CS:GO Stickers – Skill Groups Capsule
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive got an update on November 14, 2018. Some slight adjustments happened in the gameplay and the Sub-Zero map. Still, the most interesting feature here is New Skill Groups Stickers Capsule. It gives players and collectors additional possibilities in creating great combinations of CS:GO skins and stickers.
CS:GO Update - Halloween Is Coming
Dark forces have come to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. On October 24, Valve released a Halloween CS:GO Update. It brings a temporarily changed start screen and some adjustments to the game itself. The previous update adds new maps and economic changes.
New Maps and Economy Changes: CS:GO Update
Gamers have got fresh excitement in the legendary game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The latest update might influence your playing habits and economic strategies. This is the first such big CS:GO update after adding a new weapon – MP5-SD.
CSGO Update - Inferno and Nuke Collections Presented
Valve has revealed skins from two new collectible packages. They have been made for the upcoming CS:GO tournament Faceit Major London 2018. The first one is The 2018 Inferno Collection. It contains 18 skins for various weapons, including one for the newest rifle MP5-SD – the skin Dirt Drop.
A New Weapon in CS:GO – MP5-SD
Valve has released an update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It isn’t very big, but still, it contains quite an exciting thing – a new SMG has been added to the game – MP5-SD. Such innovations happen not very often…
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