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New CS:GO Stickers – Skill Groups Capsule

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive got an update on November 14, 2018. Some slight adjustments happened in the gameplay and the Sub-Zero map. Still, the most interesting feature here is New Skill Groups Stickers Capsule. It gives players and collectors additional possibilities in creating great combinations of CS:GO skins and stickers.

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Updated Sub-Zero. Death after a Disconnection

New locations definitely refresh the gaming experience in CS:GO – it’s like a totally new world, where we should find the best shooting positions, all the hidden paths, all the ways to get victories.

Although the basic set of the best maps remains almost unchanged for years, the game developers add new locations regularly, choosing them from community-made maps.

Sub Zero map changes

Sub-Zero appeared in early October 2018, as a map for Casual Matchmaking (along with Biome). A bit later, both maps became available in official Competitive Matchmaking (with the Halloween Update).

Now, Sub-Zero has been improved. Here are the most significant adjustments:

  • The upper bombsite B is simpler now;
  • The entrance to Mid is more narrow for the T team, but the whole Mid is widened;
  • A floor appeared in the Vent flat.

After this CS:GO update, player disconnections cause the death of their in-game characters with loss of all the items – weapons and equipment fall for remaining players to pick up.

The developers have created a special console command list for canceling this feature on private servers:

mp_disconnect_kills_players 0

Visit this post on the official CS:GO blog to check out the full list of changes in this game update.

Skill Groups Stickers Capsule

CS:GO stickers give an excellent way to personalize skins, emphasize their beauty, and even increase their value. If you still don’t know which sticker to choose, our Top list with the best CS:GO stickers will help you!

Stickers from Skill Groups Capsule are based on the logos of CS:GO Ranks, which represent skills of players.

New Stickers Skill Groups Capsule

Get the capsule from the game or from our skins marketplace, open it, and get a random sticker. To get something particular, buy that CS:GO sticker on DMarket.

Two stickers from this CS:GO capsule are in a way unique: both have Silver Rank. After scraping, they reveal new inscriptions.

Stickers and skins create a whole industry around CS:GO. It’s absolutely exciting, but at the same time, it’s just an addition to the game core. Check out our review of CS:GO gameplay – the primary reason why people play this shooter.

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