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A New Filter on DMarket: CS2 Sticker Combo
Guys, we are glad to introduce a new filter on our marketplace! Now you can select CS2 skins specifically with attached stickers and specify various parameters to see the most relevant results and make your best purchases.
Lowest Skin Prices | Find the Best Offers on DMarket
As a gamer, you certainly don’t want to appear in front of teammates and opponents with some random skins. Your items should reflect your personality, your unique style, and your general playing skills. It is absolutely essential to select your special skins and only then buy them and add them to your inventory.
How to Find and Buy Any CS:GO Skin on DMarket
Counter-Strike has a mind-blowing number of skins. Anything you wish for to highlight your skills or reflect your unique style is here. And we at DMarket are proud to claim that our marketplace has the full variety of CS:GO / CS2 skins, with convenient and effective tools to look for even super rare items or within specific price ranges.
Advanced Guide on How to Use DMarket (Video Guides)
The primary purpose of our marketplace is to give gamers and traders a super convenient platform for selling and buying various game items. And one of the goals of our development team is to make the platform as straightforward as possible.
The Best Trading Experience with the Lowest Fees on DMarket
Our marketplace of game items offers quite a few opportunities for gamers and traders. You can sell and buy skins and items from various titles, exchange them, and make direct deals with other users. Sure, it’s all business, and DMarket takes some fees to let the whole system work and provide the community with the best service possible.
The Most Expensive Purchases on DMarket
CS:GO is famous for its variety and versatility. You can radically customize your appearance, starting with the choice of agent and ending with stickers that can be put on your weapon to make it more unique and rare.
How to Trade Skins on DMarket
In-game items are so precious! They carry real-world value, so your digital inventories can be converted into money — thanks to the magic of DMarket. Also, they create your style and competitive edge in virtual universes.
Meet The New Ranking System of DMarket Discord Server
At DMarket we are open to our user community and have 225k+ subscribers across our Social Media profiles. When talking about updates, discussions, chats, and other stuff, one of the most active gaming communities comes to mind: Discord.
Boleto Flash from PagBrasil is Now on DMarket
DMarket has 40+ payment providers added to the platform, and we keep expanding this list on a regular basis. Today, we are happy to announce some news for our Brazillian users - meet the Boleto Flash payments from PagBrazil on DMarket.
Short Guide on SafetyPay Deposits on DMarket
Today we are happy to welcome SafetyPay to DMarket. SafetyPay is a global, secure internet payment solution available in a number of countries. It has been present on the market for 10+ years serving customers around the world, and from now on you can top up your DMarket account using this method from Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, or Peru.
DMarket and Multibanco Make In-Game Items Trading Easy and Accessible
Cosmetic items are a huge part of the gaming experience. Change the appearance of your character or their equipment, and suddenly the whole playing process has a different “taste” It’s the perfect way to express yourself in a multiplayer game.
Mastercard Prepaid Cards (via Tipalti) Are Now Available on DMarket
We are constantly expanding services, features, and payment methods present on to make it an even more convenient Marketplace to use. The full list of Deposit/Withdrawal methods can be found on the Balance page.
Dmitriy Schedov Joins DMarket as CTO
LOS ANGELES, August 4, 2021 - DMarket, ​​a cross-chain marketplace to trade all possible NFTs and a technology for building metaverses, is happy to welcome on board Dmitriy Schedov, a new Chief Technical Officer (CTO).
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