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The Best Pro CS:GO Players and Their Skins
Ever since it was released, weapon skins and cosmetic items have been a huge part of CS:GO. They were implemented into the game in order to give players a way to express themselves, as well as to incentivize them to keep playing the game for a longer period of time.
How Many People Play Rust
It’s easy to get addicted to Rust — certainly, in a good way. The game is so good! And the more you play it, the more interesting it becomes. Your skills improve gradually, and as you start to understand the whole adventure better, you discover some not-so-obvious mechanics, and actually become part of the community.
How Many People Play CS:GO? (2021 Statistics)
Lots of different aspects create a quality gaming experience, such as nice graphics, thought-out mechanics, and prospects of internal development. For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the number of active players is a basis of success – that’s multiplayer, baby!
How Many People Play TF2
The phrase “old, but gold” - could have been written about Team Fortress 2. This multiplayer first-person shooter was released in 2007 by Valve and has been in rising popularity throughout the years. Thousands of players worldwide capture files or decide who is the king of the hill every day.
How Many People Play Dota 2
The community of this game might be a bit tough for newcomers and intolerant to others’ mistakes, but still, the Dota 2 player base is absolutely great – you need to feel it for enjoying the game to the max.
The Most Expensive Dota 2 Items
Do you enjoy expensive things in your life? So many people like surrounding themselves with a luxurious atmosphere, purchasing quality and unique stuff. And some gamers do that in the virtuality of their favourite games too — for example, by purchasing the most expensive Dota 2 items.
CS:GO Skins Giveaway from DMarket
RED DEAD GIVEAWAY Free CS:GO Skins Giveaway Enter our weekly Giveaway to get free CS:GO skins! Do as many entries as you can! WHAT IS A GIVEAWAY? A GIVEAWAY (present, souvenir) – is a commodity (in our case – a skin from CS:GO) that is sold at a significantly discounted price or given for free for promotional purposes.
The Best Dota 2 Wallpapers
Every Dota 2 fan has favorite heroes or a favorite team. You can see them not only in the game or stream, but also on your desktop. That’s why we decided to make it easier for you and collect all the amazing Dota 2 wallpapers in one place.
The Best Counter Strike Global Offensive Images
CS:GO is not just a game, it’s an experience. It’s pure joy, and moreover — it’s a significant part of one’s life. When someone tries CS:GO, it’s quite easy to assume that this person will most likely be captivated by its gameplay and endless opportunities to grow as a player.
The Best TF2 Heavy Weapons
The Heavy is considered the most dangerous and powerful class in Team Fortress 2. That is why he appears so often on all possible advertising covers, videos, and episodes. He is famous for the most vibrant health and the devastating firepower from his trusty Minigun.
How to Play Heavy in TF2
Heavy is the largest class in the Team Fortress game. He is very boisterous and loud. Despite having the best health, he still relies on Medics and Engineers for support. TF2 Heavy tips are necessary and popular these days because the game is now free of charge.
The Best CS:GO Aim Training Maps (Top 5)
You need to develop lots of skills to become a good CS:GO player — team work, perfect knowledge of the maps, ability to improvise, and flawless attention, to name a few. But wait a moment! All of that will be useless if you can’t aim properly.
The Best AWP Skins Everyone Should Buy in 2021
One shot - one kill. This is the primary rule of each sniper rifle. In CS:GO AWP is one of the most expensive weapons, it’s also the most destructive. An in-game item in CS:GO that fetched a record price is the AWP Dragon Lore with a Skadoodle signature.
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