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The Best CS2 Aim Training Maps

You need to develop lots of skills to become a good CS2 player — team work, perfect knowledge of the maps, ability to improvise, and flawless attention, to name a few. But wait a moment! All of that will be useless if you can’t aim properly. The game is about shooting those opponents, you know. Therefore, CS2 aim training is essential to celebrate more victories.

We all train aim while playing CS2. The process is just part of the matches. Still, without a dedicated practice, you might reach a specific limitation. CS rounds are super fast, which means you’re not always concentrating on aiming. Players probably have just a few moments per round when an opponent appears on the screen and they get a chance to aim and shoot. Those moments are sparse, and it’s better not to rely on them only.

csgo training maps

Do you feel you’ve reached the point when you just can’t get better at aim, whatever you do? Then it’s time to add a special activity to your practice routine — play on these best aim maps CS2.

Getting better at the game is a natural sequence of training/playing more. When your skills rise above being a noob, you might want to emphasize that with a great weapon in your arsenal. Buy CS2 skins on DMarket to play with the best guns and demonstrate your unique style.

Before starting your aim practicing sessions on CS2 training maps, take a look at the thing that directly helps you to be accurate — yep, your crosshair. DMarket has an article that helps players adjust the crosshair appearance and makes it comfortable especially for you. Get more info in this complete guide on crosshair settings.

Without further ado, here are the best CSGO aim training maps:


This CS2 aim training map looks rather simple, but practicing here is very effective. You appear in a shooting range. There are a few targets in front of your character. Use a special panel to change the distance to them. Take various weapons from a wall to train with a specific gun. Press Start when you are ready and look at the targets — a red dot will appear there in different positions. Shoot it!

In addition to this classic aim training, the map has a few other modes. Check them out on the other wall. Also, you can change some settings.

When your aim is improved, you will feel motivated to play more (Who doesn’t love victories?). And the more you play, the more items will drop into your inventory. There is no need to keep them all (especially those you don’t like). Sell CS2 skins immediately on DMarket and use the cash for whatever you want.

Fast Aim/Reflex Map - Training

This map is inspired by one of the most iconic CS2 locations, Dust 2. You’ll find here the same style of environment and also the same bots.

You stay in the center of a relatively open space and shoot opponents running from different directions. Change settings for your aim training CS2 to increase difficulty by placing more opponents or allowing them to damage your character. On this map, you’ll find many similarities with the real matches.

In addition to the practical sessions on CS2 aim maps, you should learn the theoretical part of the shooting process.

Yprac Practice and Warmup

You’ll find many different training modes on this aim map CS2. They are divided into categories:

  • Flicking
  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Tracking
  • Burst

Each category consists of five practice tasks with a few difficulty levels. For example, some tasks are about aiming at flying spheres, trying to track them with your crosshair for a while, or shooting those spheres at different positions/distances. The map has quite a selection of training types, so you’ll be busy with it for a while. It’s a good choice for regular warm-up sessions before matches.

Removing the barrier between you and the bots might be good for practicing your knife game. It’s a difficult weapon, and you need to be able to use it properly before showing the world your precious knives — for example, one of the CS2 cheapest knives you bought for your collection.

Aim Botz - Training

This map looks pretty typical for aim training locations. Your character stays in the center, surrounded by a small wall. Bots are lurking around, waiting for your bullets to stop their temporary virtual existence.

The beauty of Aim Botz is in many available setting options. You can adjust your training to follow some particular goals. Explore the map to figure out what you can do here. To aim as a pro, you might need to take some additional steps in your practice. Check out these tips from the article how to aim better in CS.

DC | Aim & Movement | Training

This CS2 aim map contains a few types of training.

You spawn in the center of a pretty big room. Bots run to you from different directions, trying to hide behind big obstacles. Aim and kill them! You shoot motionless targets in a special room, changing the distance towards them. You can shoot targets that appear in different places. In yet another room, terrorists run to you through big containers. These exercises are good for practicing aim while staying still.

Also, the map has sections for movement training: jumps, parkour, surfing, ladders, etc. You’ll find here a good place to safely practice shooting on the move.

To play on these maps, Subscribe to them on their Steam pages. Thus you’ll add the map to the Workshop tab of the game menu.

Aim training maps CS2 have one downside — you can easily get used to them and the practice loses its effectiveness. It is recommended to complete training on these maps and then… return to playing on the best CS2 maps, traditional locations. You need to bring your new skills to real matches, and this will be the best practice for you to train as an advanced player. It’s still a good idea to use CS GO aim maps to warm-up before delving into matchmaking though.

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