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Payment Methods

Get Your Money for Selling Skins with Many Payment Options
As a reliable platform, DMarket offers all sorts of practical tools for gamers and traders. You obviously can easily link your gaming (Steam) account to list items for sale and get money from such deals. Then, in the same straightforward way, you can withdraw these funds to one of the payment systems — to use this cash for whatever needs or wishes you have.
60+ Deposit Methods on DMarket
Game items have a real-world value. We actually don’t need to prove that to DMarket users. So many gamers and traders know perfectly well that their digital inventories are full of amazing treasures. And one of the aspects our marketplace helps with is to convert the value between dimensions.
Boleto Flash from PagBrasil is Now on DMarket
DMarket has 40+ payment providers added to the platform, and we keep expanding this list on a regular basis. Today, we are happy to announce some news for our Brazillian users - meet the Boleto Flash payments from PagBrazil on DMarket.
Short Guide on SafetyPay Deposits on DMarket
Today we are happy to welcome SafetyPay to DMarket. SafetyPay is a global, secure internet payment solution available in a number of countries. It has been present on the market for 10+ years serving customers around the world, and from now on you can top up your DMarket account using this method from Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, or Peru.
DMarket and Multibanco Make In-Game Items Trading Easy and Accessible
Cosmetic items are a huge part of the gaming experience. Change the appearance of your character or their equipment, and suddenly the whole playing process has a different “taste” It’s the perfect way to express yourself in a multiplayer game.
Mastercard Prepaid Cards (via Tipalti) Are Now Available on DMarket
We are constantly expanding services, features, and payment methods present on to make it an even more convenient Marketplace to use. The full list of Deposit/Withdrawal methods can be found on the Balance page.
Payment Methods Update: PayPal Withdrawals Included for 36 More Countries
The global coverage of PayPal withdrawals and bank transfers provided for DMarket by Tipalti has been massively increased. Check out the extended list of featured countries and cash-out your trading profits easily, securely, and fast.
New Payment Methods on DMarket: Boleto for Brazil, Oxxo for Mexico
Buying awesome skins at the lowest prices has just become easier if you are based in one of our large communities in Brazil and Mexico. With these two new cash-based payment methods – Boleto and Oxxo – you don’t even need a bank or digital payment system account to top up your DMarket balance.
Rapid Transfer by Paysafe Group on DMarket
We are happy to introduce yet another payment method on DMarket – instant bank transfers via Rapid Transfer by Paysafe Group. Covering eight currencies across 19 European countries, Rapid Transfer is a payment method recently launched by our partners from Skrill, part of Paysafe Group, and already available for you on DMarket.
Top 6 Alternatives to G2A Wallet Payments on DMarket
G2A PAY payment services will be provided by ZEN.COM starting from October 12, 2020, but the G2A Wallet payment method will no longer be supported. If you are used to topping up your DMarket account through this method, you can check out some of the best alternatives below.
PayPal Withdrawals Are Now Available on DMarket
Withdraw your trading profits using one of the world’s biggest online payment methods. Hey Pal, It’s PayPal! 300+ million active users worldwide Annual payment volume of $700+ billion 12.4 billion payments generated over the last year This is PayPal, one of the world’s most popular digital payment methods.
How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds via Skrill on DMarket
Upgrade your inventory and cash out your trading profits with no effort, using one of the world’s top payment methods. Skrill is a fast and secure payment method with worldwide coverage and recognition. On DMarket, you can use it to refill your account balance as well as to withdraw your funds.
Skrill/DMarket Terms & Conditions
1. This Campaign is organized by DMarket Inc. (“DMarket”) in cooperation with Skrill USA, Inc. (“Skrill”). 2. By participating in this Campaign, the Eligible Users hereby expressly agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and the decisions made by DMarket and Skrill.
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